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There is no denying that a daily office grind can even make a dream job seem like a boring chore. Workplace slump is not conducive to productivity and who does not know that boredom kills efficiency. If you’re going through such times, here are seven wonderfully do-able hacks that will make your days at work a lot easier.

1. Let There Be Light

When you stuck indoors for hours, exposure to sunlight can make all that difference in bringing back joy to work. Natural light increases our mental activity and alertness and decreases eye strain and headaches. Life will undoubtedly become easier when you are more alert at work.

2. De-Clutter Your Desk To Restore Discipline

Streamlining your work station will make your life at work smooth. Eliminate the clutter by filing away that growing stack of papers, straightening out supplies, and by creating a designated space for everything you use on a daily basis. Realizing the need for a de-cluttered office environment, many modern offices are going for technologically advanced office equipment like multi-function devices from brands like Konica Minolta.

3. Follow The ‘Write Down Three Most Important Tasks (MITs)’ Rule

Learn to differentiate between what is urgent and what is important. List down the ‘most important tasks’ or MIT that you need to accomplish. Make a habit of starting your day by focusing on things that are important and not those that are urgent. This will help you to meet your goals in the long run.

4. Listen To Your Favourite Music

You probably already listen to your favorite music at work. But do you know that certain types of music are best suited to certain tasks? Listen to pop if you are something repetitive but switch to classical is you need more concentration and comprehension.

5. Follow The Two-Minute Rule For Quick Tasks

Small tasks will keep pouring in throughout the day. Simply get them done if you think you can complete them in two minutes. Add them back to your to-do list if you cannot and attend to them later.

6. Learn To Say No

You cannot let others order you around. You will not only lose track of your short- and long-term goals, your productivity will also suffer. To make your days easier in the office, learn to say a “no” albeit politely, and set strict boundaries.

7. Buy A Plant

Green. Oxygen. Energy. All these words come alive in the form of a small plant. Place one at your work station or near your window and see the difference. A study conducted by the University of Exeter (source) found that office plants not only increased productivity by 15 percent, they also increased workplace satisfaction, self-reported levels of concentration and perceived air quality.

As the world gets busier and work-life more hectic, following these habits will make your job seem easier.

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