How To Pass Microsoft MCSA 70-740 Windows Server 2016 Exam


If you’re an IT professional with a background in Microsoft Windows Server 2016, then passing the 70-740 exam is one of your dream validations. Really, this exam is considered as the stepping stone to get the distinguished MCSA: Windows Server 2016 certification. It is the first of the three-part series that certifies your knowledge and skills in installing Windows Server 2016 in the host and compute environments, implement storage solutions, Hyper-V, Windows containers and high availability, and lastly, maintain and monitor server environments. Once you pass the exam, you’re ready to take the other two tests so you’ll get MCSA: Windows Server 2016 certification.

So, without any delay, here are the top tips to help you pass Microsoft 70-740 Exam.

Read the Microsoft Revision Guide

First on the list is the ever-useful Microsoft Revision Guide. Well, study guides like these are always considered as the top choice to give you fundamental knowledge about the objectives. The best book reference starts with Microsoft’s official study guide, Exam Ref 70-740 Installation, Storage and Compute with Windows Server 2016 by Jason Kelington. This one discusses all the objectives significantly as well as provides helpful case studies. Another functional study guide is MCSA Windows Server 2016 Study Guide by William Panek, which contains concise objectives, chapter review tests, practical exercises, and expert insights. Both books can be purchased on Amazon.

Use Microsoft’s Virtual Academy

Another useful learning resource is Microsoft Virtual Academy, where you’ll get everything you need for your exam preparation, including study materials, videos, and presentations. The extensive array of Microsoft technologies gives you significant knowledge for the exam, as well as educational comprehension related to Windows Server 2016. The most popular among the range of references is the ‘What’s New in Windows Server 2016, which provides in-depth advancements from the previous Server 2012 up to the Server 2016.

Take A Training Course

Aside from books and online references, taking a training course is highly practical and beneficial. This is one of the best ways if you are prone to distractions at home or at work. Sitting in a classroom-based setting, with colleagues of the same passion to pass the same exam, is definitely a great deal! Plus, you get to learn insights from certified instructors and get some hands-on experience that will make your exam journey easier. If you’re looking for the best training course, you can try Firebrand’s 11-day MCSA: Windows Server 2016 course.

Join A Study Group

After the in-depth classroom training, it’s best that you join a study group. Through this, you can still continue studying and exchanging knowledge, experiences, and tips with like-minded people outside the four corners of the classroom. Remember that joining a study group not only helps you share insights with others who are interested in the same exam as you but also acts as a breather from the hectic classroom setting. It’s an advantageous stint that should not be disregarded if you want to have more fun and worthwhile exam preparation.

Download Windows Server 2016 trial version

At home or at work, you can still prepare for the exam with the help of a Windows Server trial session. Conveniently, Microsoft offers up to 180 days of free usage of the software so that you can utilize and get familiar with the environment before your scheduled exam. Since the trial version tackles everything about Server 2016, you must focus on the installation, storage, and compute functionalities, which are the main objectives of the Microsoft 70-740 Exam. This will help you maximize your time and effort so that you can cover all the important features of the exam.

Start a Practice Test

Now that you know the fundamentals, it is best that you put them into action. Take a practice test to check if you have thoroughly understood all that you have studied. Also, practice tests give you a hint of the exam format and question types. Familiarizing the exam ahead of time will give you an advantage compared to those who just stick to books and online training. This way you can assess the level of your comprehension and easily identify gaps that need to be practiced. There are different online practice tests that validate your understanding and skills, as well as check the areas that need improvement. Two of the most popular options are GoCertify and MeasureUp. Both are practical tools that offer a wide range of practice questions.

Try Some Practice Labs

Microsoft MCSA 70-740 Practice Test Questions (like these – are not just about passing the exam but also letting you familiarize the specific software, which will soon be beneficial to your career. Sometimes, it’s not just about getting that ‘passed’ remark but also practicing what you learn. And one of the most efficient and effective ways to prepare you for the exam and the real world is by trying some practice labs. Practice labs allow you to get hands-on with the Server 2016 environment, and give you room for improvement. If you want to try some reliable practice labs, opt for MeasureUP or TechNet Virtual Labs. MeasureUp, in particular, is very useful as it’s also Microsoft’s official provider of practice tests.

Stay Away From Brain Dumps

Unsurprisingly, brain dumps are still very popular among IT examinees. However, even with the infamous recognition of brain dumps in the IT industry, it is best that you stay away from them, really. Use as much prep material as you can find. Find the websites that offer updated and valid exam dumps. The more you try to learn for the exam, the more you boost your career. Remember, that once you avoid using 70-740 brain dumps, you are not just ending your goals to pass the exam, but also destroying your future.

These are just tips that will help you nail the test, and the rest lies with your determination and diligence. We hope that this list will help you ace Microsoft 70-740 Exam and get that highly-acclaimed Server 2016 certification.

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