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Lastminute Auction

Do you enjoy looking for the best deals and bargains on the Internet? I do! I spend a considerable amount of time browsing through different websites looking for good deals on toys, DVDs and electronics. It not only feels good to find a good deal but it also helps you save money which is a big deal in this tough economic times. If you’re like me then I’m sure you’re gonna like Lastminute Auction.

Finding cheap deals on eBay is tedious and very time consuming because there are millions of items listed under each category. Winning the auction is another thing, as you have to outbid other people and wait until the bidding ends. Lastminute Auction makes this process easier as they pull and list all the cheap and last minute deals on eBay (offers that are a dollar or less in price with an hour left in the auction).

I tried Lastminute Auction and looked for some items under two of the most popular categories – DVDs and Electronics and here are some of the good deals that I found:

The Departed
Lastminute Auction

The Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King
Lastminute Auction
(Used DVDs costs around $5 if you buy them from video stores like BlockBuster)

Gold Plated HDMI Cable $0.99
Lastminute Auction
(this item retails for $5 on Amazon or more if you buy it from retail stores like Walmart or BestBuy)

Griffin Technology Autopilot Charge Play Control for iPhone/iPod $0.99
Lastminute Auction
(this item retails for $25 on

Finding items is easy on Lastminute Auction because items are grouped into categories and sub-categories (same as listed on eBay) so you can narrow down the listed items faster and easier. Alternatively, you can also use the Search bar and type in the name of a movie or product to find a specific item. Listed items contain basic information such as item name, price, time left on auction, number of bids and cost of shipping.

There aren’t a lot of “new” items and most of the stuff listed are used but there are also some that are open box items or in “like new” condition so it ain’t that bad considering the cheap price. You just have to find them. Make sure that you check the item specifications (condition, shipment, payment options, etc.) as well as seller info before you make the purchase. Btw, the best time to do some bargain hunting on Lastminute Auction are on Sundays when the site lists over 30,000 auctions.

What are you waiting for bargain hunters, Go check out Lastminute Auction now!

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