How to Improve Your Business’ Incidence Response Time

Organizations worldwide are expected to invest $75.2 billion in security services and infrastructure protection by the end of 2018, according to Tech Beacon. Will this be enough in the fight against cybercrime? Without a well-laid down incidence response strategy, these funds will all go to waste. If a security threat is allowed to manifest for too long, there is no telling the amount of damage it can cost your business.


When it comes to dealing with security threats, every second count. The speed at which your security team can respond to a threat will help draw the line between successful threat prevention and huge losses for your business. As a result, focusing on ways to revolutionize your incidence response strategy is vital for the survival of your company.

Here are four ways to increase your team’s incident response capabilities:

Invest In The Right Security Solutions

Threats will always be present, and often times, you will need to look for ways to adapt to the ever-dynamic threat scope. With the right security tools, you can minimize the damage that can arise from both internal and external threats. For instance, investing in the right log analysis tool and making use of the features available in a log analyzer will offer you enough insights on how to respond to threats.

Such tools will help you to respond to current threats and monitor your system to prevent future threats. Additionally, you should also consider layering different solutions to help prevent a single threat. While a formidable security solution might miss a threat in some rare cases, having layered it with an equally strong solution will help reduce the chances that such a threat will go unattended to.

Increase Network Visibility

Your organization needs to look for ways to increase the visibility of its network. Without enough visibility, threat response will only be passive instead of proactive. It might take ages even to notice the slightest and simplest threat that might make its way into your application and systems.

The best way to increase visibility is to invest in tools that will make it easy to continuously monitor the type of traffic that is accessing your applications and systems. You can then establish the baseline behavior. In case an event falls short of achieving the expected behavior, having an automated response will help prevent such anomalies from spawning into menaces. For instance, you can automatically sandbox a suspicious user or application.

Staff Adequately

Effective staffing has to deal with both hiring the right staff and in the right numbers. In case you are understaffed, it will be tough to deal with threats as they arise, especially if the threat is big enough and needs all hands on deck. Furthermore, an understaffed business will mean that all other IT tasks will have to be put on hold as the whole team concentrates on dealing with a threat.

With adequate staffing levels, you can easily divide the different parts of forensic investigation to the whole team to increase the speed at which you will identify the problems. Some can deal with access log data from the servers while others focus on network logs.

Keep Detailed Records of Exceptions

The log data of anything that falls out of the ordinary functioning ability of your applications and systems should be stored. This will include information on resolved security threats. With such information at hand, it will become quite easy to deal with other related data threats as they arise since you will only need to relate them to a specific situation in the past.

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Additionally, such records can provide a lot of information on the health of your systems in chronological order. As a result, a problem that has been slowly manifesting itself due to past issues will be easy to spot by keenly paying attention to these records. This further increases the speed at which you can respond to the problem.


Security threats will only be massively damaging to your organization if they are left unattended for too long. The level of damage will trickle down to how prepared you are to face threats. Consider the tips above to fortify your business from present and future cybersecurity threats.

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