The Highest Paying Careers for Big Data Gurus

Data Analyst

Experts predict that by 2020, there will be more than 2.7 million big data jobs available to qualified individuals, more than 400,000 positions than what is available today. The amount of data available is growing at a rapid rate, hence the need for more qualified minds to manage it. However, “qualified” individuals are hard to come by, as big data management requires a unique and specific skillset and advanced degrees. Most employers also require candidates to have three or more years of experience, a year more than the average “beginner” position. For this reason, most data analyst jobs pay extremely well. How well, you ask? Take a look at the highest-paying jobs for data professionals below to find out.

Data Analyst

The role of a data analyst is to analyze mass amounts of data and turn them into insights businesses can use to make more informed business decisions. Data analyst positions are available in a variety of industries, including healthcare, technology, marketing, finance, and countless others.

Senior data analysts are also responsible for improving their own data mining and curating systems to streamline the analysis process. The faster they can make insights, the more useful they are to the companies for which they work–and the more cost-effective they are. Though the work is tedious, analysts are rewarded with a pretty salary of between $77,500 and $118,000 a year.

To explore more salaries for Data Analyst, visit Hired’s Salary Calculator.

Data Scientist

Data Scientist is a fancy term to describe someone who designs and constructs new processes for data mining, modeling, and production, according to PayScale. Like traditional scientists, these professionals conduct studies, form hypotheses, and analyze results. However, instead of working with living bio-organisms, data scientists work with algorithms, prototypes, and predictive models.

In addition to an advanced degree, aspiring data scientists must possess a slightly different skill set than data analysts. Skills should include regression analysis, clustering, data mining, and decision trees. Salaries for this position range from $116,000 to $163,500 a year.

Data Warehouse

Data Warehouse Manager

A Data Warehouse Manager does precisely what you might expect from one with such a title: stores and analyzes data in facilities. These professionals use metrics to analyze data load, evaluate data, and monitor job usage. They may also be charged with identifying and mitigating possible risks associated with data storage and transfer. Such security comes at a high price of $129,000 to $179,000 a year to employers.

Big Data Engineer

Big Data Engineer is the most prestigious title a data professional can obtain. Many of the responsibilities of these professionals are the same as data analysts, except in addition to turning large volumes of data into insights, they are also charged with retrieving, analyzing, interpreting, and reporting on a business’s data, which they gather from a number of sources. These engineers are also responsible for managing and maintaining the company’s software and hardware architecture and for developing systems and procedures necessary to handle so much data. For all their hard work, these professionals earn between $135,000 and $196,000 a year.

No matter which way you look at it, a career in data is highly lucrative. If you have what it takes, scan those job ads to look for a position coming near you.

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