7 Tips for Creating Link Worthy Content

Link Worthy Content

Creating compelling and engaging content is probably the most important part of your link building strategy. Without the content, your efforts with getting your links out there are wasted, as is the opportunity for better placement on search engine results pages. If you’re not used to creating valuable and relevant content, however, this may a challenge. Keep reading to learn 7 tips for creating link-worthy content.

Identify Your Audience

In order to create top-notch content and before getting epic links, you have to understand who you are writing for. Get into your audience’s shoes and think about the information they need. If you are writing content about books, for example, it can be safe to assume that your audience won’t mind reading a long-winded or overly exhaustive text. Think about the problems that your audience may have that are unique to them. Knowing your audience will help you use the correct tone of voice. A blog for lawyers will have a different tone than one about baby products.

Be Relevant

Relevancy is key when you write articles or other content that you want to link to. Not only is it good for your SEO, but it will also be more valuable to your blog visitors. Relevancy means that the content should be complementary to the authority site that contains the backlink, it should be relevant to your products or services, and it should relate to the keywords that you are targeting. The content should also be relevant to your visitors’ frames of reference and experiences.

Be Informative

Before choosing a topic for your content, head over to Quora, and take a look at the questions that people are asking. This will help you find topics that are not really covered by other blogs in the niche. Consider forum topics that incentivized a lot of engagement from other visitors, because you want to create content that will be useful and informative to as many people as possible. When the content is informative, it will ensure that visitors come back to your blog in the future. People will also be more likely to share an article if it’s informative.

Do Research

When you found the topic that you’d like to cover in your article, take some time to do research. Make an effort to discover real solutions for real problems. Do an informational deep-dive to get to the essence of a topic and find an angle that will be compelling and relatable to your visitors. Make sure that you get your research from places of authority to ensure that you don’t provide information that is misleading.

Include Visual Elements

One of the best things you can do to ensure that your content is engaging is to include images and videos. Make these inserts as interesting as possible. Even your own ugly little doodle can add an appealing or quirky element to your content. This will make your content memorable and keep your readers engaged. Certain messages can be better described with infographics or videos, so this can help you when you find that your vocabulary falls short.

Make it Long

People have longer attention spans than they get credit for. As long as your content is valuable, people will read it. It doesn’t matter how long your post is. You can make a long post-skim-friendly. There are people that get impatient, regardless of how interesting the article is to them. The longer a post is, the more valuable it is. This doesn’t mean, however, that you shouldn’t keep the content pulled together and to the point.

Make the Article Easy to Read

Large blocks of text are difficult to read. When you write an article, keep your paragraphs short, use lots of white space, and include lists. Make sure that you use plain language. People want to focus on your message. They don’t want to decipher content that could have been written by Shakespeare.

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