5 Clever Smartphone Hacks

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Just as you thought the features on your smartphone couldn’t get any better, we’ve rounded up a list of five clever hacks that will totally expand the functionality of your smartphone. From software-related tricks to cool life hacks that will come in handy when you least expect them, we’re personally looking forward to being able to use any one of these tricks.

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And once you’ve gotten your hands on your brand new baby, go ahead and try out these hacks below.

1. Amplify Your Phone’s Speakers with a Drinking Glass

phone amplifier

Loaded all your music into your phone but missing a pair of speakers? Simply stick your phone into an empty drinking glass and the sound will reverberate inside the glass, amping up the volume as it plays. While this may not work in noisy or crowded spaces, it works well enough if you want to listen to music is a quiet, more closed-off area and for those heavy sleepers, it does a pretty good job of increasing the sound of your alarm when it goes off.

2. Use Old Cassette Tape Cases as Phone Holder/Stand

cassette stand
You may think that your days of cassette tapes are over (this statement really only applies to those of you born before 1995) but this handy hack lets you re-purpose any old cassette tape cases you may have sitting around in storage and inject life into them once again. Well not really, but they do work surprisingly well as a phone stand. Just flip the cover around, place your phone in the dock, and voila, you’ve got yourself a phone stand that you can use to prop your phone up to watch videos when your hands get tired.

3. Zoom on Everything

phone magnification

Your phone actually does come with settings that allow you to enable zoom functions so when you’re reading text documents or trying to low-key stalk your crush on Instagram, you can zoom in on words and images. Simply go to Settings > Accessibility > Magnification Gestures and switch the gesture on.

You can now triple-tap anywhere on the screen to zoom in and out, drag two or more fingers across the screen to pan and pinch with two fingers or more to adjust the zoom level. Pretty cool eh?

4. Panoramic Cloning

panoramic cloning

This fun photography trick lets you create multiple clones of yourself within the same image. All you need to do get a patient friend with a steady hand and set your phone camera settings to a panorama view.

You’ll start off by standing on one end of the frame as the photographer starts panning. Once you’re out of the shot, run around BEHIND the photographer and into the next position before the camera reaches you, keep repeating this until the end of the shot and you’ll have a cool panoramic pic starring you, yourself, and well, you.

5. Use Your Camera to See Things Clearer

phone reading glasses

Left your reading glasses at home and having trouble seeing? Use your phone camera to get a crisp, clear image of whatever it is you’re trying to focus on. Phone cameras are designed to have perfect vision so with your camera turned on, simply hold your phone over whatever it is you’re looking at and you’ll get a clearer version of it on the screen. Zoom in to magnify any text or image that you want to focus on or take a picture of it and zoom in on that to save on battery life.

What do you think of these 5 clever smartphone hacks? Do you use any of them or know of other useful hacks that we can add to the list? Please share your thoughts by leaving a comment below.

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