lunascape browser
Internet Freeware

Lunascape – World’s Fastest Browser?

Tokyo-based web software company Lunascape Corporation recently released a web browser called the Lunascape 5 Alpha. This Windows-only browser is the English version of their popular Japanese version (downloaded 10 million times) released back in…

simon game
Internet Software

Chromon: Unofficial Google Chrome Game

In the past couple of weeks I’ve been experiencing some problems with Firefox so recently I’ve been using Google Chrome more frequently. While in the process of looking for Google Chrome plugins/extensions and tweaks, I…

dfmarine theme
WordPress Themes

WP Theme Review: dfMarine

Here’s another cool WordPress theme from DezinerFolio, the same guys who gave us the dfTheme and the dfTheme 2.0 themes. This new theme is called dfMarine and got that name simply because it uses the…


Another PayPal Phishing Email

Last week, I received another phishing email pretending to be from PayPal. This time, it was easier to spot that it was a fake email compared to the first PayPal phishing email I got earlier…

Blogging Software

Adobe AIR + WordPress = AirPress

AirPress is a desktop blogging client created by Romain Referrer and Jean-Francois Comeau and is based on Adobe AIR or Adobe Integrated Runtime. It’s kinda like Windows Live Writer but with lesser features. With AirPress,…


Free Text Editors Part II

This is the second part of Free Text Editors. Arachnophilia Arachnophilia is a popular text-based HTML editor written in Java by Paul Lutus. It is known to be a successor to another HTML editor WebThing.…

dezinerfolio 2.0 theme
WordPress Themes

WP Theme Review: Dezinerfolio 2.0

Dezinerfolio 2.0 is a dark, 2 columned WordPress theme designed by Navdeep of Deziner Folio. This is an updated version of the first free WordPress theme released by Dezinerfolio. Basic features of this theme include…

kill bill's browser
Firefox Internet

Kill Bill’s Browser

Just by reading the title of this post, do you have any idea what it’s about? If not, then here’s a little explanation: Bill Gates = Microsoft = Internet Explorer. Got it? Bill Gates owns…

blog updates

Updates and Upgrades

It’s time once again for blog updates here at JaypeeOnline. Remember when I said that I’d wait for a couple days or weeks before I upgrade to WordPress 2.2? Well, I kinda got impatient and…

itheme wordpress theme
WordPress Themes

WP Theme Review: iTheme

iTheme is Mac inspired 2-column, widget-ready WordPress theme created by Nick La of N. Design Studio. He’s the same guy that gave us the cool Glossy Blue theme. I’m pretty sure all the Mac fans…