Ben Southall Wins Best Job In The World

ben southall

If you remember earlier this year, the state of Queensland, Australia announced that they are looking for candidates to apply for the job as the caretaker of the Great Barrier Reef islands. Dubbed as the “Best Job in the World“, the person chosen to be the “island caretaker” was required to do the following: lazing in the sun, snorkelling, feeding the fish, cleaning the pool and post weekly entries and photo/video updates on a blog. For compensation, the “island caretaker” will be receiving $150,000 Australian dollars (US $105,000) for the 6-month tenure.

The Best Job in the World campaign attracted over 34,000 applicants from over 200 countries. After a preliminary round of the selection process, the initial number of candidates was cut down to 50, then a group of 16 finalists coming from 15 different countries were chosen. Yesterday, the winner was announced and the person chosen to be the “island caretaker” was British adventurer Ben Southall.

Here’s a video of the press conference and announcement of the Best Job in the World winner.

What a lucky guy! Imagine, being paid to go to the beach, go snorkelling and blog. I’m sure most of us dream about having a job like this, right? Although the job only lasts 6 months, its still the best job in the world especially for a blogger. For sure Ben will be having the time of his life. Congratulations Ben and looking forward to reading your blog entries. Have fun mate!

How about you guys? Ever dreamed about having a job like this? If not, what would be the best job in the world for you? Do you think Ben will get bored with his job after a few weeks? Please share your thoughts.

[image and video taken from the Daily Telegraph]

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  1. Great post, this is an awesome job that you get paid $100k for only 6 months to work. I miss this opportunity…


  2. JP Habaradassays:

    @Michael – That’s why its called the “best job in the world” because you’re being paid to go on vacation. :D

  3. JP Habaradassays:

    @Jamie –’s all good man. Who knows, they might do it again next year or maybe somebody else will come up with another type of promo/gimmick such as this and then you can apply for it. :D

  4. JP Habaradassays:

    @jehzlau – Yeah, this is the “best job in the world” that everyone’s talking about, although I know with your current status you are also having the best job in the world. Hehe ;)

  5. JP Habaradassays:

    @Michael – got that right. That photo really captured the “moment”, I guess he wasn’t expecting to win it. :D

  6. JP Habaradassays:

    @Roy – I know it only lasts 6 months but he’s still one lucky dude coz this job is almost a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. I’m not sure if they’ll continue to have this every year or some place/county might think of using this gimik too. And like you said, if he handles his finances well, he’ll have enough money to start his own business or go on early retirement. :D

  7. JP Habaradassays:

    @ceblogger – Haha..I didn’t think about those great white sharks. Well maybe they already thought about that and his job/chores doesn’t involve any interaction with the sharks or puts him in any risk to get attacked by the sharks. :D

  8. it's unfortunate that the job is good only for six months… still, if he handles his finances well, he'll be really well-off after his job.

    lucky guy indeed!

  9. JP Habaradassays:

    @elmot – Yes, he’s gonna be in paradise and he’ll be paid to go there, doing what he loves doing. Lucky chap! :D

    There was a Filipino contestant? I didn’t even know about that. Hehe

  10. JP Habaradassays:

    @Raju – I know, me too! I won’t mind doing it for a month or permanently as long as I have my family with me. :D

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