The popular Yahoo Weather app which was released exclusively for iOS devices last April, is finally available for all Android devices. I’m sure many Android users (including myself) have been waiting for the Android version to be released. If you haven’t heard or tried this app before, the Yahoo! Weather app like any regular weather app provides the weather information for any location. What makes it special are the location-based high-resolution photo backgrounds gathered from Flickr, providing an awesome postcard-like eye-candy experience.

I know there are many good weather apps available in the Play Store such as WeatherBug, The Weather Channel, Accuweather and GO Weather just to name a few that are also nice and provide good weather information. But I think Yahoo! did a very good job with their app that it could replace these other apps on many Android user’s devices. Even though I don’t need to check the weather, I find myself opening the Yahoo! Weather app just to look at those gorgeous photo backgrounds from Flickr.


yahoo weatheryahoo weather

yahoo weatheryahoo weather

yahoo weatheryahoo weather

yahoo weatheryahoo weather

Additional weather information that the app provides includes – 5 day or 10 day forecast, 24-hour temperature forecast, humidity, visibility, UV index, interactive radar, satellite, heat and wind maps, wind & pressure (love those animated windmills), precipitation and a time-of-day section that shows the sunrise & sunset times, moon phase and current location of the sun. For now, notifications are limited to only showing the current weather conditions on the status bar and severe weather alerts for your current location or any specified location. Although additional features for push notifications will be added in the near future.

Although I really like the Yahoo! Weather app and have it installed on my phone, I don’t have it as my default weather app because I already have the Sense 5 weather app which is built-in and easily accessible via BlinkFeed. I will, however, keep the app installed because I love browsing through the beautiful location-based Flickr photos. Btw if you’d like to submit a photo of your hometown or any favorite location, go to

Download the Yahoo! Weather app from the Play Store

Anyone here using the Yahoo! Weather app? Are you using it on an iOS device or Android device or both? What do you like best about this app? Please share your thoughts.

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  • Jhay, August 17, 2013 @ 9:08 PM Reply

    The app looks great! Ever since I switched to a Nexus phone, I kinda started missing the weather app of the HTC Sense UI. I’d definitely give this one a spin.

    Btw. nice new theme dude!

    • JP Habaradas, August 18, 2013 @ 3:30 PM Reply

      Yes it does and it’s also optimized for tablets. The app also looks very nice on my Nexus 7. So you finally got the Nexus phone that you’ve wanted. Did you get it from the US or there in the Philippines?

      Thanks! My blog’s long overdue for a theme reboot and some cleaning up. :)

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