Top 10 Most Addictive Apps [Infographic]

Do you lack sleep because you’re constantly wondering whats happening and/or what you’re missing on Facebook, Twitter or other social networks? Do you constantly feel the urge to open a certain mobile app several times a day? Do you find yourself using these apps in front of other people or during social events and gatherings? If so, then you’re showing signs of “appdiction” or app addiction.

For some, using apps and playing games is just a way to kill time but based on statistics, the majority of mobile devices owners these days spend most of their time using apps instead of using it for phone calls or sending texts. Whether or not you’re one of those users who’s showing signs of “apddiction”, I’m sure you’d be interested in finding out what the most addictive apps are, right? Check out the infographic below entitled “Top 10 Most Addictive Apps” created by the folks at Top Apps.

[click here to view a larger version of the infographic]

Based on the infographic, the trend is that users spend a big chunk of their time on social media and games.

So, which app/s listed on the infographic are you addicted to or spend a lot of time on? I’m not sure what criteria they used to come up with the list of apps in the infographic, but I think Instagram, Candy Crush and SnapChat should be on the list in place of Paper Toss, Doodle Jump and Tap the Frog. How about you, which app/s do you think should be on the list of most addictive apps? Please share your thoughts.

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