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swarm 4.0

Foursquare, the company behind popular social check-in app Swarm has released version 4.0 yesterday. The update includes a brand new profile page, full-screen photos, improved search capabilities as well as a weekly update of your friends on Swarm.

Here’s an excerpt from the official Foursquare blog:

We’ve completely revamped your profile to include more insights on all the places you go and the people you go with. Look back at the categories and places you frequent most, both for the last 60-days as well as all-time. On a streak at coffee shops? Keep it up to win more coins. Where do you really check in more, the gym or the bar? Might wanna think about putting down the pints and picking up some weights… (or not, we’re not here to judge). Swarm is now your personal memory bank: a resource for searching the places you recently visited at home or across the globe.

The new profile page or user profile displays a clickable map that shows all the places the user has been to or checked-in at. It also shows some basic information like the total number of coins collected, user location, the total number of check-ins, photos, and friends.

In the previous versions, all of that information were displayed in the user’s feed as a sequential list. In this update, the feed is now grouped into sections – Top Categories, Top Friends, Top Places and Check-in Streaks.

  • Top Categories features the user’s most checked-in place, according to category.
  • Top Friends shows a list of friends who users have checked-in the most.
  • Top Places diplays the top places that the user have checked-in the most.
  • Check-in Streaks has a list of the user’s streak history showing how many weeks in a row a user have been to a specific category.

For more information, just tap on any section or the View More link on the right to get a more detailed view which are available in two views – last 60 days or All-Time.

At the bottom of the new user profile, users will see a unique fact about themselves. It could say something like “Did you know that your longest check-in streak at gyms lasted 30 weeks?“. Below that is a See More link which if tapped, will display all the check-ins made during that streak.

Another cool addition is the Weekly Swarm updates which will show an algorithmic and curated feed displaying the most important or interesting check-ins during the past week. It will also feature new stickers and gained or lost mayorships.

Get Swarm 4.0 from the Apple App Store or from the Google Play Store.

Anyone else uses Swarm? How do you like version 4.0 and the new features and updates that came with it? How do you like the new profile page? Please share your thoughts by leaving a comment below.

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