iOS 4.2 Software Update

iOS 4.2 Software Update

iPad users rejoice! You can now have Multitasking and Folders on your iPad thanks to the much anticipated iOS 4.2 software update that Apple released earlier today. This update also brings two new features: The first one is called AirPrint which enables any iOS device running iOS 4.2 to print emails, photos, web pages and documents wirelessly and the second one is AirPlay which enables users to stream digital media wirelessly from an iPod Touch, iPhone or iPad straight to an Apple TV and any AirPlay-enabled speaker system.

Another cool feature added to iOS 4.2 is the Find My iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch. Previously a premium MobileMe feature, Find My iPhone is now FREE. This feature enables users to track and locate their missing iOS device. With Find My iPhone, users can locate the missing device on a map, display an onscreen message, set a passcode lock remotely or even delete data remotely.

Multitasking on the iPad
iPad Multitasking



Find My iPhone
Find My iPHone

Other features included in the iOS 4.2 software update are iTunes TV rentals (commercial free TV shows in HD, 99¢/episode), find text on web pages(find and highlight specific words and phrases), notes with fonts (customize notes with different fonts (Marker Felt, Helvetica, and Chalkboard), messaging with text tones (assign custom tones with 17 new alerts) and more.

To download and install the iOS 4.2 software update, just connect your iOS device to your computer, fire up iTunes and download the software update. Don’t forget to sync your device before performing the update. So in case something goes wrong, you can restore to the previous configuration.

NOTE: iOS 4.2 is compatible with the following devices – iPod Touch 2nd gen, 3rd gen & 4th gen, iPhone 3, 3GS & 4 and the iPad.

Anyone updated their iOS device to iOS 4.2? What iOS 4.2 feature do you like best? What feature would you like to see added in the next release? Please share your thoughts.

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