Android KitKat Contest – Win a New Nexus 7, $5 Google Play Credit & KitKat Minis

By now most of you already know that the next version of the Android OS, version 4.4 will be named after the popular KitKat chocolate candy bar instead of Key Lime Pie.

android kitkat

Whether you like the name or not, you have to admit that this is a brilliant strategy for both parties. Hershey’s and the KitKat brand will get a lot of exposure from the coverage of the Android community and market share in the mobile industry. Android on the other hand will be able to reach more markets than Hershey’s and KitKat control. To make this cross-branding even more official, a new promotion contest has been announced and is now live.

android kitkat contest

Take a break. Win a prize! To enter the Android KitKat contest, all you need to do is purchase a specially branded KitKat candy bar featuring the Android robot. After you’ve finished eating the chocolate, look for a code inside the wrapper and go to the official Android KitKat contest website. Enter your code and see if you’ve won one of these prizes:

  • Grand Prize: 1,000 units of the New Nexus 7
  • 1st Prize: 150,000 units of $5 Google Play credit
  • 2nd Prize: 20,000 units of KitKat Minis 8oz. bags

If you like KitKat candy bars, then this will be a win-win situation for you because you already get to eat your favorite treat plus you get to chance to win cool stuff.

To mark the release of Android KitKat, 50 million units of specially marked KitKat candy bars have been produced and will be available in 19 countries including Australia, Brazil, Germany, India, Japan, Dubai, Russia, the United Kingdom and the United States. Not sure if it’ll also be available in the Philippines, Indonesia or Singapore. While a small number of Android robot-shaped KitKat bars will also be offered as prizes in selected markets. For sure, I’m gonna keep an eye for these specially branded KitKat candy bars the next time I visit Target or Walmart.

Anyone else going out to buy these specially branded KitKat candy bars? If you ever win a prize from one of these KitKat wrappers, please share it with us.

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