How Do You Like The New Yahoo Mail Design & Features?

Yahoo Mail celebrated its 16th birthday two days ago. To celebrate this occasion and in line with the company’s efforts to modernize their core products, Yahoo has unveiled a redesigned Yahoo Mail interface and a few new features that aim to create an elegant and intuitive experience and a more collaborative environment. This update is available not only for the web and desktop version but also for Android and iOS as well.

Here’s a short video highlighting the new design and features of Yahoo Mail.

The new Yahoo Mail design makes it quicker and more convenient for users to do basic stuff such as Search, Delete and Star emails. Just hover over an email and perform any desired action with just one click. The new interface is also very flexible and saves space with the ability to collapse the left-hand toolbar. It works like the WordPress dashboard when you collapse the Menu. If you’re familiar with WordPress then you know what I’m talking about.

Aside from the new design, Yahoo has also introduced a few new features like “conversations” that lets users view emails as grouped threads. This allows users to view complete conversations, saving them time from searching for individual emails.

Bored of the plain, white background? Yahoo has also added the ability to change the look of the inbox with the use of curated Flickr photos as Themes like what we’ve seen in the Yahoo Weather app. Themes work on Yahoo Mail Android and iOS mobile apps as well. Btw, when you choose a particular theme, it will be applied across all your devices.

yahoo mail

yahoo mail

yahoo mail

Some premium features that were previously reserved for Mail Plus customers – disposable email addresses, enhanced filters and automatic message forwarding are now available to everyone for FREE.

One update that some users won’t like is the new Yahoo Mail storage limit. Previously, the mail storage limit was unlimited. With the new update, Yahoo is cutting it down to 1TB which is still a lot of space for most users and much more than the 25GB storage space that Gmail provides.

Although the new design and features are a welcome addition and make it better, easier for most users, it doesn’t make much of a difference for me personally because I use an email client (Thunderbird) to access all my email accounts, including my Yahoo Mail accounts.

For those of you who use Yahoo Mail, what do you think of the new design and features? Do you like it or not? Which feature/s do you like best? What features would you like to see added to future updates? Please share your thoughts.

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