New Pingdom Control Panel Goes Live

Last week, I received an email from Pingdom informing users that some services will be affected during the migration to the new system. It also mentions about the upcoming release of the new control panel with a much-improved design and functionality. Earlier today, I got another email from them this time announcing that the new Pingdom control panel is now live.

The new control panel is called “My Pingdom” and can be accessed via If you already have a Pingdom account, just log in and head to the URL. If not, you can sign up for a FREE account and try it out for yourself. Below are some of the screenshots I took of the new Pingdom control panel:

Pingdom New Control Panel

Pingdom New Control Panel

Pingdom New Control Panel

Pingdom New Control Panel

I like the new Pingdom control panel. The new UI (user interface) not only looks nice, more streamlined but IMO, is also more user-friendly than the previous one. One thing about the new panel though is that it loads a bit slower and takes a couple of seconds to switch from one section to another.

If you’re a Pingdom user and have any comments, suggestions or any type of feedback regarding the new control panel, make sure you fill-up the feedback widget which is found on the left side of the screen/page when you’re logged on to your My Pingdom account.

Anyone here who has a Pingdom account? How do you like the new control panel?

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