MS Paint Masterpiece

I’m sure most of you guys, (including myself) have tried and used MS Paint in some point in time. I remember it to be one of the best tools to kill time during computer lab in high school. For most of us, the best thing we can create with MS Paint are just plain doodles. But for one person, this tool became an instrument of art and the finished product is an absolute masterpiece.


So far, this is the best image or artwork made with MS Paint that I’ve ever seen.
ms paint artwork

The original image used by the artist as inspiration.
grand canal

It took the artist Diamonster, 500 hours to finish this masterpiece. No templates were used, only an image of the Grand Canal as an inspiration. Although, there are others who say that some parts of this image were touched up or made with Photoshop. Anyways, it’s still an awesome work of art if you ask me.

You can see other great MS Paint drawings and artwork here.

What do you think about the MS Paint masterpiece of the Venice Grand Canal? Do you know of other masterpieces created using only MS Paint? Please share your thoughts by leaving a comment below.

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  1. Mason Koreshsays:

    o i thought this was an add on or replacement for ms paint i had no idea mspaint was capable of producing the pic shown above..thanks for you help jaypee.

  2. @jhay – same here. i'd be happy even if i had half the talent to do that in MS Paint. hehe

    @ash – is that your face? hehe..just kidding

    @abaniko & ade – it really is awesome! :D

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