How Much is Social Data Worth? [Infographic]

Ever wonder how much social data (tweets, photos, videos, status updates, shares, check-ins, connections) is all worth? Backupify, a company that specializes in online backup services recently came up with an idea to quantify the value of social data. They’ve taken public information to find out what kind of social data, which social media network and what social media actions are the most valuable in the world wide web and created this colorful and informative infographic.

Social Data Valued
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It’s no surprise to see Facebook at the top but it’s interesting to see that a Yelp review has more value than a Facebook share or a tweet on Twitter. Of course these are not real world numbers but just an estimate based on the data that Backupify has gathered. Although the numbers depicted in the infographics don’t provide the “real” value of the social data, this infographic gives us an idea of how important and valuable social data is not only to individuals but also to businesses.

This infographic was created and released before Facebook acquired Instagram so it is safe to say that the value of Instagram right now would be higher than the one shown in the infographic.

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