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From small personal sites, forums, school & university websites, large corporate websites to government websites – thousands of websites get hacked, maliciously attacked and compromised with spam and bad content each day. In an effort to provide webmasters with more useful information, Google will soon be sending more notifications to webmasters via the Webmaster Tools Message Center.

From the Google Webmaster Central Blog:

These notifications are meant to alert webmasters of potential issues and provide next steps on how to get their sites fixed and back into Google’s search results. If it pertains to a hacking or abuse issue, the notification will point to example URLs exhibiting this type of behavior. These notifications will run in parallel with our existing malware notifications.

Starting this month, Google will notify webmasters about more potential issues they’ve detected, including:

  • Spammy or abused user-generated content
  • Abused forum pages or egregious amounts of comment spam
  • Suspected hacking

Here’s an example of a suspected hacking notification:
Webmaster Tools Notification

These Google Webmaster Tools Message Center notifications will be very useful and helpful to webmasters and bloggers like me. If you don’t have a Google Webmaster Tools account, I strongly suggest that you get one. If you already have a Google account, all you need to do is visit the Google Webmaster Tools website and login.

Aside from these new message notifications, it offers a lot of useful tools and services for any webmaster or blogger. If you’re site gets hacked, having a Google Webmaster Tools account will be very useful because it will specify which part of your site is having or causing the problem and provide you with the necessary steps to fix your site.

Anyone else checked out the new message center notifications on Google Webmaster Tools? What other features would you like to see added to Webmaster Tools? Please share your thoughts by leaving a comment below.

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