A Google A Day – Daily Trivia Game

A Google A Day

Google earlier today launched a new online trivia game called A Google A Day. Unlike traditional trivia games that didn’t allow players to look up answers (using books, asking friends, searching the Internet), this daily trivia game not only allows looking up answers but actually encourages it.

From the official Google blog:

A Google a Day is a new daily puzzle that can be solved using your creativity and clever search skills on Google. Questions will be posted every day on agoogleaday.com and printed on weekdays above the New York Times crossword puzzle. We’ll reveal each puzzle’s answer the next day in the Times and on agoogleaday.com, along with the search tips and features used to find it.

Just like traditional crossword puzzles, the difficulty of the questions increases over the course of the week, so by Thursday or Friday, even the most seasoned searcher may be stumped.

Sample trivia from A Google A Day:

Q: Two future presidents signed me. Two didn’t because they were abroad. Despite my importance, modern viewers seem to think I have a glaring spelling error. What is it?

A: The U.S. Constitution

To start playing A Google A Day, just head over to agoogleaday.com to get the question of the day. You can also play the game offline through the New York Times puzzle section. Answers to the trivia questions will be revealed the following day on both agoogleaday.com and the New York Times. Another way to get the trivia question of the day is to follow A Google A Day on Twitter @agoogleaday.

To make sure that players enjoy the trivia game and no spoilers make it to the search results page (purposely or inadvertently), Google created a special version of Google Search called Deja Google which excludes real-time updates and other things that could include spoilers (people posting trivia answers online).

Being a trivia aficionado, I was very happy to find out about A Google A Day. For sure, I’ll be playing this trivia game everyday. Btw, I was able to answer today’s question (sample question above) by using the keywords “glaring spelling error“.

Any trivia aficionado’s here? What do you think of Google’s daily trivia game – A Google A Day? Anyone played the game already? Please share your thoughts.

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  1. Ooohh… I love trivia games! We actually played a game like this when I was training my agents (call center) on how to search the web more effectively. This should be fun! Thanks for sharing! :)

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