Google April Fools Day Pranks 2012

Anyone got fooled by an April Fools Day prank or hoax yesterday? I was supposed to publish this yesterday during April Fools Day but wasn’t able to because of my busy schedule. I know its a bit late but I wanted to keep my annual “tradition” of posting Google’s annual April Fools Day pranks. This year, Google has created/released the most number of pranks/hoaxes with a total of 23.

Here are most of this year’s Google April Fools Day pranks in no particular order:

1. Google Maps 8-bit

An 8-bit version of Google Maps created for the popular classic gaming console – Nintendo Entertainment System or NES. This is my personal favorite this year. I loved the concept and the video was epic, especially the part where the actors had to blow on the game cartridge to make it work. That brought back awesome childhood memories.

2. Canine Staffing Team

Google Canine Staffing Team
Googlers are only allowed to bring their dogs inside the Google campus but only after they pass the same type of rigorous and detailed hiring process as human Googlers go through before they are welcomed to the Googleplex.

3. The YouTube Collection

The YouTube Collection is an at-home experience of YouTube. Have your favorite YouTube videos delivered to your home and watch them offline in DVD format.

4. Google Street Roo
Google Street Roo

Google announced that they will be deploying more than a thousand big red kangaroos equipped with 360-degree head cameras and use them to capture images for Google Street View.

5. Google Chrome Multitask Mode

Multitaskers rejoice! With Chrome Multitask Mode, you can browse the web with multiple cursors at the same time, enabling you to do more stuff, faster.

6. Google Racing

Google, in partnership with NASCAR develop self-driving vehicles for stock car racing competitions.

7. Gmail Tap

Gmail Tap for Android and iOS utilizes the Morse Code so users type with only two keys instead of the 26 QWERTY keys. With Gmail Tap users can now type without looking and even compose two emails at the same time.

8. Click-to-Teleport Extensions

Click To Teleport

Click-to-Teleport extensions allow potential customers to instantly teleport to your business location directly from a search ad.

9. Google Fiber

Google Fiber is not a high-speed fiber optic Internet service but a food bar high in dietary fiber.iber

10. Go Ro

Google Go Ro
Millions of people are using mobile devices every day, but dozens are using rotary phones. Did you know that 100% of people using rotary phones have trouble accessing your website? If you’re ready to prepare for the return of rotary, you’ve come to the right place — it’s time to Go Ro!

11. Google Really Advanced Search

Google Really Advanced Search

Really Advanced Search allows users to filter search results using categories such as: subtext or innuendo, page font, loanword origin, etc.

12. Jargon-Bot for Google Apps

Jargon-Bot helps users by translating business terms and jargon into plain English in real-time.

13. Google TV Click
Google TV Click

With the help of Google’s “Common Gateway Interface” technology, you can now control the actors, settings and overall flow of your favorite movies and TV programs.

14 Google Voice for Pets
Goole Voice Pets

Google Voice for Pets allows users to record and listen to audio recordings of their pet dog or cat via a special “Voice Communication Collar”. Another special feature is the built-in a micro-LED emitter that projects a keyboard on the floor, allowing pets to type and send text messages.

15. Analytics Interplanetary Reports

Analytics Interplanetary Reports
With Google Analytics Interplanetary Reports, users can now get more information on visitor activities from neighboring stars and planets.

16. Piano & Sitar Analytics Playback

Google Analtyics users can now have their website stats played back on piano or sitar.

17. Google Underwater Image Search

Underwater image search experience developed by the folks of Google China.

Which one is your favorite Google April Fools Day prank for 2012?

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