Since 2004, Gmail has supported e-mail signing standards like DomainKeys and DomainKeys Identified Mail (DKIM) to validate mail with digital signatures and help users identify that the emails they receive are from verified senders like eBay and PayPal. Email authentication doesn’t only verify the identity of the sender but also helps in recognizing potential spam messages. With billions of spam and phishing email sent to users each day, Google has added the ability for Google Apps users to sign their outgoing e-mails using the DKIM technology.

Today, we mark another notch in the spam-fighting belt: we’re making it possible for all Google Apps customers to sign their outgoing messages with DKIM, so their sent mail is less likely to get caught up in recipients’ spam filters. Google Apps is the first major email platform — including on-premises providers — to offer simple DKIM signing at no extra cost. Once again, the power of the cloud has made it possible for us to bring this feature to millions of customers quickly and affordably.

Screenshot of the e-mail signing DKIM technology used in Google Apps:
Gmail Email Signing

Now, Google Apps users or administrators can enable the DKIM signing via the Advanced Tools tab on the control panel.

Btw, Google has also added an option for Google Apps administrators to specify and put certain restrictions on who users can send/receive emails and create specific policies for different user groups. This is useful for businesses, non-profit organizations and schools who use Google Apps to handle their e-mail accounts and keep users safe from unwanted email interaction from outsiders or malicious users.

Anyone tried or are using the new e-mail signing feature for your Google Apps account? What other features or options should Google add to help prevent or fight spam and phishing? Please share your thoughts.

[image source: Official Gmail Blog]

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