Today marks the 15th birthday of the world’s most popular search engine Google. It all started fifteen years ago, in a small garage in Menlo Park, California. Two Ph.D. students from Stanford decided to develop a better search engine. The rest is history.

Every year, Google celebrates its birthday with a special doodle. This year, they created an interactive Google doodle piñata game. To play the game, just head over to Google. Click on the arrow or play button to start the game. The objective is to have as many candies fall out of the piñata within 10 tries. Press/hit the spacebar to take a swipe at the piñata.

google 15th birthday

The Google Doodle Piñata game is powered by HTML5 and can be played on a smartphone or tablet. Players can also share their scores on Google+ and even create URLs to keep track of their high scores. You can check out the all previous Google birthday doodles from this link.

Play the Google Doodle Piñata game

Aside from the piñata game, Google has also created a special easter egg to celebrate this special occasion. To see it in action, open your web browser to Google and do a search for “google in 1998” and hit Enter. Your search results will be displayed the way Google’s website looked like back in 1998.

google 15th birthday

Google also released something new related to its search engine during a special birthday celebration event held in the same small garage where the company started. There, Google announced a new search algorithm called “Hummingbird” which is designed to handle complex queries.

Happy 15th Birthday Google!

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