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My blog’s domain name is registered with GoDaddy and last week, I received a notification that the domain name was gonna expire in two months time. I didn’t want to procrastinate and risk forgetting about it and have my domain name expire so I went and renewed it for another year. At the same time, I also purchased two new domain names for future projects.

The total combined amount was more than $50 but because I have a GoDaddy coupon code, I was able to get 20% discount and save some money. I also thought that some of you might be planning of getting a domain name or already have domain names with GoDaddy so I wanna share these coupon codes that can help you get some discounts and save some money when you register or renew a domain with GoDaddy.

Here are some of the working GoDaddy coupon codes I found in the internet.


GD3917K – SAVE 30% OFF new and renewals. (EXPIRES SEP 29, 2013)
GD3926R – SAVE 29% OFF new purchases. (EXPIRES SEP 29, 2013)
GD3921CD – SAVE 25% OFF purchase of $125 or more. (EXPIRES SEP 22, 2013)
GD3921DD – SAVE 20% OFF purchase of $100 or more. (EXPIRES SEP 22, 2013)
GD3921ED – SAVE 15% OFF purchase of $50 or more. (EXPIRES SEP 22, 2013)

USEFUL TIP: If you plan to purchase 2 SSL Certificates, what you do is to select only 1 during your order. When you checkout, they’ll offer you a second SSL Certificate for 1/2 the price.

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If you know of other working GoDaddy coupon codes, please share it with us so I can include it in this list. Also, if any of the coupon codes I posted above have already expired or no longer work, please let me know so I can remove it and update the list. Thank you!

Btw, I recommend GoDaddy for domain registration. I’ve had my main domain and a couple others with them for about 3 years now and I haven’t had any issues or problems whatsoever

Get your own domain now from GoDaddy.

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  1. I happened to find this shopping tip and used a double coupon – it is code YUP20 and I got a years worth of hosting (20% off) and a .COM (80% off) – both for only $47.07 total, not bad. The godaddy hosting is pretty good.

    I also used another order and PAUSE7 worked on all my renewals and I had alot ending this past December.

  2. I also use GoDaddy coupon codes whenever I buy domains. For some reason I keep searching Google whenever looking for updated codes and now it would be great to have this page for me to come back to every time I need coupons.

  3. A great many of the GoDaddy promo coes ending in 1, 2, or 3 have expired, so I thought I’d share some of the replacements I have come across:

    MTECH8 or EMMA7 for 10% off your order

    MTECH9 or EMMA8 for 20% off $50 or more

    MTECH10 or EMMA9 for 30% off .com domains (and it works on renewals)
    They don’t expire till July 2010 and have no limitations on how much they can be used

    Plus MTECH25 or EMMA25 for 25% off $100 or more, but these expire end of August 09, so use them quick!

  4. @loy – Thanks for sharing! Good to know that Pinoys can use their bank’s debit card to purchase stuff from GoDaddy. Yeah, I know you can use PayPal with GoDaddy now.

  5. @elmot – You can use your credit/debit card to buy in Godaddy. I used my Unionbank EON debit card, and sometimes my Paypal account.

  6. @Shanna – Thanks for sharing these GoDaddy coupon codes! I have one question though, when do they expire or are they permanent codes?

    Anyways, thanks again and I’ll be adding these codes in the list. :)

  7. Hey Jaypee :) These are the codes I use when I want to save at Go Daddy:

    emma1 — 10% off any order, no minimum spend
    emma2 — 20% off any order over $30 or £25
    emma3 — any .com domain for $7.49 (works on new domains and renewals)
    emma30 — any .com domain for $7.49 (works on new domains and renewals)
    emma35 — any .com domain for $7.49 (works on new domains and renewals)

  8. @jhay – You know what dude, we have so many things in common! Having idly parked domains is just one of them. Hehe

    I’ve seen massive lists too but the thing is, most of those coupon codes are already expired or only last for a couple weeks or certain period of days.

    I’m not sure and correct me if I’m wrong but the GoDaddy coupon codes I posted above don’t expire.

    Anyways, if you know of any other valid coupon codes please let me know so I can add it to the list.

  9. I also have 99% of my domains with GoDaddy, and 4 of them are still idly parked because of plans still on the drawing board.

    The other 1% is my domain which of course is registered with Domains dot ph.

    The coupon codes are nice, I’ve seen one massive list last month, just forgot to bookmark it. T.T

  10. @elmot – As far as I know you can now use PayPal to purchase domains and other stuff from GoDaddy. When I got the domain, I used a credit card but the renewals were all paid with PayPal. Maybe you can check or ask them about it.

  11. @loy – Me too. I never got the chance to use the rare coupon codes that let you purchase a domain for 99 cents. They have it once in a while. Most of the domains I own are still in the works, so don’t think that you’re the only one who has unused domain names. Hehe ;)

  12. this has been my struggle with godaddy. i can't buy a domain for myself for i can't pay via paypal (my paypal has no CD attached to it).

    hmmm..i could use these codes despite my problem.

  13. I’ve been using Godaddy coupon codes to save $2.50 on .com domain name purchases. However, I haven’t used most of the domain names I have bought…hehehe.. I wish I was as industrious and hard-working as you are in taking full advantage of domain names.

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