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I’m sure some of you have heard about Google’s knowledge base project called “Knol” which is currently in private, invite-only beta testing phase. Now, have you heard about Qassia? I’m not sure how it’s pronounced but someone told me that it’s like Google Knol but better! With that said, I immediately signed up and registered.

I’m sure you have a lot of questions about Qassia, what it is about, how it works, etc. I don’t want to bore you with copy-pasted info from their FAQ page so here’s my attempt on explaining what Qassia is and what it is about.

Qassia is a site that promises to give quality backlinks without asking for reciprocal backlinks. How? One of the things a Qassia user can do is add “intel”. What is intel? Intel is any bit of information or knowledge that a user wants to share with the community. Intel can contain images and can be written in any style or tone and can’t be edited by anyone else but yourself.

Qassia rewards it’s users with three different incentives: backlinks, credits and revenue.

  • Backlinks are given to users whenever their intel gets displayed or referenced.
  • Users receive credits for adding intel. Credits come in the form of Qassia dollars.
  • When an intel is displayed, ads appear on that page and any income generated from that page goes to the user.

Before any intel gets published, it has to go through a screening process where 7 members review it and assign it a rating of A-F, A being the highest and F the lowest. If an intel gets 3 or more Fs, it gets rejected. This is to ensure that there are no junk posts in the directory. Users also get credits for helping screen intel.

By joining the Qassia community, not only will you get backlinks but also site traffic, exposure for your blog and earn revenue all at the same time. It’s like a blogger’s dream. What more can you ask for?

For a more detailed explanation please visit their FAQ page which contains detailed information that can help you.


Qassia Dashboard

Profile Page
Qassia Profile Page

Qassia plans to duplicate the success of search engine Naver which is the number one site in South Korea beating Google, Yahoo! and other popular search engines. Qassia is still in beta testing but it’s already open for registration to anyone who’s interested.

An inside source tells me that the number of users and signups are doubling everyday. It seems that Qassia is becoming quite a phenomenon and getting viral. What makes it different and better than Knol, Squidoo and other knowledge bases is that it has the best ad revenue sharing plan in the Internet. Why? Because users get 100% of the advertising revenue generated from their page.

What are you waiting for? Sign up with Qassia Beta now and join this fast growing community!

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