Sucuri Free Website Malware and Blacklist Scan

If your blog or website is infected with malware and/or blacklisted, you will lose a lot of traffic (and probably earnings) because it will not show up on search results and regular visitors will not visit your site because it is flagged as a dangerous site. To check whether your blog/website is infected with malware or blacklisted, you can use this free online website malware and blacklist scanning tool provided by Sucuri Security.

The free scanning tool, checks if a certain website contains or is infected with malware, malicious javascript, malicious iframes, drive-by downloads, anomalies, IE-only attacks, suspicious redirects and spam.

Sucuri Free Website Malware and Blacklist Scan

It also checks whether the website in question is blacklisted by Google Safe Browsing, Norton Safe Web and Phish Tank. To get more detailed information regarding the Blacklisting results, click on the reference links beside each source.

Sucuri Free Website Malware and Blacklist Scan

Aside from that, the Sucuri website malware & blacklist scan tool also provides certain website information like web server details (hostname, IP address, server system, software, etc.), list of links (similar to sitemap) and list of javascripts.

I like the Sucuri website malware & blacklist scan tool because it’s FREE, easy to use and its a very useful and handy tool for any blogger, webmaster or anyone who owns a website.

Check out the FREE Online Website Malware & Blacklist Scanning Tool

Have your blog or website been infected with malware or have been blacklisted? What tool or procedure did you use to check? Anyone tried the free website malware & blacklist scan tool by Sucuri? Please share your thoughts.

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