Wanna make free long distance calls to a foreign country? AllFreeCalls lets you make phone calls to foreign countries for FREE!

What do you have to do? Dial the number 712-858-8094 and once you’re connected, you just dial 011 + country code + number you’re calling. If you live within the US and your phone subscription allows you free long distance calls within the US, then you don’t get charged anything. If not, you only get charged for calling Iowa, which is cheaper than being charged for calling a foreign country. As of now, there are only 36 countries that you can call for free. The company says that more countries will be added soon.

*No Hidden Charges
*Privacy Guaranteed
*Unlimited Calls
*No Limit on Call Length
*Call from Anywhere, Anytime

Does it sound too good to be true? Read this article for a further explanation on how this works.

Too bad the Philippines is not yet listed. I still have to try it and see if it really works. Will post an update later.

Check out list of countries, codes & prefixes here.

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  1. I had a small conversation with the CEO of yesterday. I have posted the latest offers from on my blog. This news exclusively available on my blog and you wont find it anywhere else, since its insider news and they will be starting something for all countries including phillipines. This news is some front page juice.

  2. @cruise – hintay ka lang, baka dagdag nila ang Pinas soon. :)

    @jhay – iAs soon as they realize that there are millions of Filipinos outside the country who call their family and friends back home, I'm sure they'll add the Philippines to their list.

  3. @jepoy – As of the moment, they don't support calls to the Philippines. Hopefully they would in the near future.

    Thanks for linking me up.

    @ron – I hope so too! You're welcome.

    @verns – Hahaha..hindi naman, minsan lang. :D

    @vinay – Really? that's cool! Thanks for the info and for dropping by.

  4. @Pat – you're welcome. I'm just trying to share this with my readers and friends.

    I was just thinking out loud about the Philippines not being in the list. Just my opinion, you might want to consider adding the Philippines coz there are a lot of Filipinos outside the Philippines and they always keep in touch with their loved ones back home. Maybe in the near future? Thanks for dropping by! :)

  5. Hi Jaypee

    Many thanks for the mention.

    We will definitely be adding more more countries soon unfortunately The Philippines is a bit out of range on cost rate to add.

    Pat Phelan



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