Tactical Intervention: The Next Counterstrike?

Tactical Intervention

I love video games and one of my favorite types of video games are FPS (First Person Shooter) games. Back in college, I was so hooked on Counterstrike and I would play it almost everyday, spending about 5 hours on average. Since then, I haven’t really had time to play that much video games and I don’t own a gaming console at home. Inspite of that, I still try to keep track of all the cool FPS video games and one particular game that I’m looking forward to play is a game from Minh Le, the creator of Counterstrike himself. This new PC multiplayer shooter game is called Tactical Intervention.

Minh Le who was previously with Valve, worked on developing Counterstrike 2 but when the project was shelved by Valve, he decided separate ways with the game development company. In order to save money, he moved into his parent’s basement and started to work on a project, a new type of FPS game (counter terrorists vs terrorists) that had the elements he wanted on a game.

“I enjoyed Counter-Strike, but I wanted to have my own game. I was never able to put in all the cool features I wanted because the people who played Counter-Strike would [complain] about all the changes. They liked the game as it is.”

It was difficult at first since he only had a 5-man team working on the project day-in and day-out. He eventually got some funding from a South Korean IT company named FIX Korea and with that he was able to hire more programmers and staff members to assist him with the Tactical Intervention project.

Tactical Intervention

Tactical Intervention

Tactical Intervention

Tactical Intervention

Tactical Intervention

Here’s a video of the upcoming game Tactical Intervention

Tactical Intervention is based on a modified version of Valve’s Source engine and contains certain elements not found in Counterstrike like hostages and dogs. In Tactical Intervention, you can expect civilians to interact with the game – running around, reacting to events happening around them, getting in the way and being used as human shields by terrorists. Guard dogs like German Shepherds or Rottweilers can be commanded by the players to attack enemies. It also addresses certain issues that Le doesn’t like about Counterstrike such as lengthy rounds, camping snipers and waiting between rounds.

“I hated how powerful snipers were in Counter-Strike, they really unbalanced the game.”

To address the issue of lengthy rounds, Le is making rounds shorter or faster. This means who died early wouldn’t have to wait too long between rounds and watch from the sidelines.

“The average round should be two minutes, maybe less, so people aren’t waiting around as much.”

From my experience playing Counterstrike, I know what he means. It does become frustrating sometimes when a map or round takes too long to finish because one guy (a sniper) is hiding and waiting from a vantage point. Shorter rounds means a faster paced game. Players would die a lot but it doesn’t matter because you get more playing time and more games mean more fun.

Tactical Intervention is nearly complete and will be available for beta testing soon. Tactical Intervention is planned to be released at the end of this year. So watch out for it.

Based on the screenshots and video I shared with you, what do you think about Tactical Intervention? Could it match the popularity and could it be the next Counterstrike? For now, I think the best answer would be, we’ll just have to wait and see.
[image source: IGN.com]

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  1. i played CS and the fact that it’s already designed graphics-light, i would love to see another creation of first person shooter with the mods you mentioned here. i think this one got clean design.

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