Streetfood Tycoon

I’ve always been an avid fan of Tycoon games, some of my favorites are Rollercoaster Tycoon, Zoo Tycoon and Lemonade Tycoon. Being a fan of these types of games, imagine my delight when I discovered a game on the iOS App Store called Streetfood Tycoon. I was even more delighted when I found out that the game was about Filipino streetfood and was developed by an indie Filipino game development company called Kuyi Mobile.

In Streetfood Tycoon, you play the role of a vendor selling french fries, corndogs, local Filipino streetfoods – kwek kwek (quail eggs in orange batter) and fishballs to walk-in customers while at the same time, restocking your ingredients and cleaning your stall. Coins earned can be used to upgrade ingredients, facilities, location and unlock new characters – Lady Gogo, Pee Noy, Moony Puhkyaw and Helen Degenerous.

Like Lemonade Tycoon, you can choose different locations to do business. In Streetfood Tycoon your choices are Village, Suburbs, Downtown and Bazaar. If you can’t wait to get enough coins to purchase upgrades and other stuff, you can use the in-app purchase options to get more coins.

Streetfood TycoonStreetfood Tycoon

Streetfood TycoonStreetfood Tycoon

Streetfood TycoonStreetfood Tycoon

Streetfood TycoonStreetfood Tycoon

Streetfood TycoonStreetfood Tycoon

Streetfood TycoonStreetfood Tycoon

Streetfood TycoonStreetfood Tycoon

Streetfood TycoonStreetfood Tycoon

Streetfood TycoonStreetfood Tycoon

Here’s a short demo video of Streetfood Tycoon:

When I first installed Streetfood Tycoon it was still on version 1.0.1 and at that time the game didn’t have a pause button. There was no way to stop/pause the game so you had to finish an on-going game before you can take a break. I was gonna write a review on the App Store to make a suggestion to the developers but that same day, I saw that an update was just released – version 1.0.2 and one of the things that it included was a pause button. The developers must’ve read my mind. I think having new items, new unlockable characters or street food on the menu would make the game even more fun. If the game devs decide to do that there’s a lot of stuff to choose from – balut, banana que, isaw, chicharong bulaklak, kikiam, adidas, etc.

Anyways, it’s been more than two weeks now since I started playing Streetfood Tycoon and I’ve already maxed out all the possible upgrades but I still find myself playing it whenever I have spare time. Being away from home, this game brings a sense of nostalgia. Streetfood Tycoon is a must-have for Filipinos who own an iOS device. If you’re not Filipino, you can still enjoy playing the game because it’s simple and easy to learn yet fun and entertaining at the same time. Streetfood Tycoon is FREE and available only for iOS devices (compatible with the iPhone, iPod touch, iPad and requires iOS 4.3 or later).

Download Streetfood Tycoon from the App Store

Did anyone try the Streetfood Tycoon game on any iOS device? How do you like the game? What other features or options would you like to see in future updates? Please share your thoughts.

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  • Janette Toral, April 13, 2012 @ 2:12 AM Reply

    Great to see that you enjoyed the game too. :)

    • JP Habaradas, April 24, 2012 @ 2:22 PM Reply

      @Janette – Yeah, I’m still playing it although not as regularly as before. :D

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