FarmVille Hits The Apple App Store

FarmVille for iPhone

Love it or hate it, Zynga’s insanely popular social game FarmVille is here to stay. The virtual farming game that has about 100 million total users (64 million active users/month) on Facebook is now available on the Apple App Store. The announcement was made in the Zynga website earlier today just in time for the release of the iPhone 4.

For those who aren’t familiar with FarmVille, it is a social, virtual farming game that lets players raise/manage crops and livestock on a virtual farm. FarmVille is a free game but Zynga makes money through in-game purchases for items and gifts, which will be done via in-app purchasing on the iPhone and other Apple devices. Users who play FarmVille on iOS powered devices will receive exclusive items and gifts. Current users, those who already play the game and have existing farms can access their farms on the FarmVille iPhone app. FarmVille profiles transfer smoothly from your computer to any Apple device so you could continue where you left off anytime.

Official Press Release

Zynga Brings FarmVille to iPhone and iPod touch
June 24, 2010

San Francisco, CA — Zynga today announced the launch of its popular social game FarmVille for iPhone and iPod touch. More than 75 million users across the world play FarmVille and this week marks the one year anniversary of the game. The combination of FarmVille and iPhone gives millions of mobile users the ability to play, engage and connect with their friends and family through social games.

Today’s announcement builds on Zynga’s strategy to bring social games to a broad audience across multiple platforms. The FarmVille App offers users a new social gaming experience that leverages the power of the touch screen. By swiping a finger or double tapping to zoom in and out, players can view their farms, harvest crops or drive tractors. iPhone users will get alerted to the status of their crops and farm through push notifications. In addition, current FarmVille players can tend to their farms and continue to play at any time or place during their day.

“Mobile devices are an extension of people’s daily social lives everywhere in the world and the Apple iPhone is the most innovative breakthrough in this area,” said Mark Pincus, founder and chief executive officer of Zynga. “We are excited to bring FarmVille to the Apple iPhone and introduce our social games to a new audience of mobile users around the world.”

To commemorate the launch, Zynga is offering several exclusive market items and gifts available only to iPhone and iPod touch users. These items include a baby snow leopard and white apple trees. FarmVille App is free from the App Store.

In the near future Zynga will be rolling out additional in-game features for the iPhone 4 and iOS 4 including the multi-tasking functionality and enhanced graphics to showcase the retina display. Zynga’s catalog of iPhone and iPod touch games also include Live Poker, Mafia Wars, Vampires: Bloodlust, Scramble 2 and Street Racing.

The FarmVille app available on the App Store requires iOS 3.0 or higher (works on iOS 4) and is compatible with the iPod Touch, iPhone and the iPad. I’m pretty sure this announcement has made all those FarmVille addicts fanatics who own an iPod Touch, iPhone or iPad very happy and excited. Bye bye productivity! Hehe

I installed the game on my iPhone 3GS so I could get a screenshot of the app but wasn’t able to get gameplay screenshots because I didn’t want to create an account and start playing so if you’re playing FarmVille on your iPhone or other Apple devices, can you please share screenshots of the game? Thanks!

Anyone tried or playing the FarmVille iPhone app? Which version is better, the Facebook app or the iPhone (App Store) app? What features do you like or dislike from the FarmVille iPhone app? Please share your thoughts.

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  1. A lot of Farmville addicts will be happy to play the game on the go.

    But if you are working and playing Farmville on your iphone, you are risking your boss wrath. I don’t think it is worth tending to your virtual farm when your real job is at stake.

  2. This is a good news for those virtual farm addicts out there. Khit saan man sila pwede na magtanim at mag harvest anytime!

  3. @AJ – I played a few Facebook games before but never tried FarmVille. I agree, people should spend less time playing these types of games because it kills productivity. :D

  4. I have never been a fan of any Facebook game. They are all pretty much a competition to see who can log into their facebook and click a few buttons the most. Personally I think people should spend more time working and less time goofing off :)

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