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Aside from the laptop and the smartphone, the tablet is another mobile device that has become a part of our everyday life. We use it at home, in school, and at work. Compared to smartphones, tablets are ideal for reading books, magazines, and online articles as well as watching videos due to their larger size.

However, the large size also makes tablets difficult to hold in place for long periods of time. Constant and extensive use can lead to neck and elbow pain. Due to the bad viewing angles, tablet users can also lead to slouching and awkward positions. The repetitive strain can also lead to conditions such as Carpal Tunnel Syndrome, tendonitis, arthritis, and bad posture.



These are some of the issues and problems that the Tstand looks to solve. The Tstand is a multi-purpose tablet stand produced by Montreal-based product development firm Surface ID and launched as a Kickstarter project last October 20, 2015.

With its patented reversible base and adjustable viewing angle, Tstand can be used in a myriad of ways. Tstand is a highly versatile tablet stand that enhances the functionality of your tablet. Tstand lets you use your device hands-free and strain-free in an endless number of positions and angles.

Check out the video below to know more about Tstand:

Tstand allows the user to maximize the usability of the tablet, whether you are sitting in front of a desk, lying in the bed or couch, standing in the kitchen, sitting on a long flight or road trip. The Tstand’s revolutionary ergonomic design adapts to you and the situation you’re in.







  • Ergonomic – By elevating your tablet closer to eye-level, the Tstand eliminates all sources of potential strain and creates a more comfortable viewing experience.
  • Versatile – Our design team has really focused on the fact that tablets are multi-functional devices and the myriad of ways in which we use our tablets. In one step, the Tstand can go from a stand for watching movies in bed to a mini work station or even a selfie stick!
  • Easy to use – Simply insert your tablet into Tstand’s protective silicone grippers, rotate the base, adjust the angle to suit your needs, and voilÃ! Tstand is set up and ready to go.
  • Portable – Not only is Tstand lightweight at just over 1 pound, it’s also easily foldable to ensure maximum portability. It is designed to fit into even the smallest 13″ laptop bags!
  • Universal – Its expandable grippers can fit all tablets, and usually without removing protective covers (iPads, Androids, Microsofts, Lenovos, Kindles, you name it!) from 7” to 13” in both landscape and many in portrait mode. It can even accommodate many two-in-one laptops, and the new recently launched Surface Pro 13″ and the new iPad Pro 12.9″ launched in November.

I use my tablet a lot and usually, I use it for extended periods of time and I experience all the issues and problems mentioned above like neck, back & elbow pain, and slouched posture. Sometimes I even drop the tablet on my face or chest because I fall asleep while using the tablet. Having a device like the Tstand will help me avoid those issues.

I’ve purchased a few tablet stands and while they do a good job of holding or making the tablet stand on flat surfaces, some can’t even hold the tablet at certain angle and can’t fit different sized tablets or tablets that have rubber cases installed. Most tablet stands aren’t as flexible and multi-purpose as the Tstand.

Because of its flexibility and versatility, the Tstand is ideal for everyone. You can use it at home, at school, at work, during travel, or any place where you can bring and use your tablet.

If you’d like to get early access and save 42% (retail price $69) on the Tstand, you can back it up on Kickstarter for $32 to get the glossy black version or $37 to get the matte silver version. If you’d like to get two units, you can back it up for $60 (glossy black version) or $70 (matte silver version). The Kickstarter project has already almost tripled its goal of $10,000 with still 26 more days left.

To learn more or back up the project, please visit the official Tstand Kickstarter project page.

What do you guys think of the Tstand flexible, multi-purpose tablet stand? Is it something that you’ll consider buying or find useful? What other uses can this device be used for? Please share your thoughts by leaving a comment below.

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