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Welcome to the first ever edition of our new blog segment called Reader Reviews! This review comes to us courtesy of Jhay Gamba, a Web Designer/Developer and BlackBerry fan from the Philippines who also happens to be a longtime reader of JaypeeOnline.


Simple. I need a device that can multitask and do work productively especially writing emails right from the Hub. No need to open an email app.


blackberry passport

blackberry passport

blackberry passport

blackberry passport

blackberry passport


  • Design – The big odd & ugly square-ish screen. 4.5″ 1440×1440 IPS LCD display (453ppi). The big screen is quite good but a bigger and wider screen is much better. You can perform a task quickly such as Excel, Presentation, or even watch movies. Also perfect for readers out there. Work wide.
  • Keyboard – Touch-enabled keyboard. Yes, you heard it right, the keyboard has touch features where you can scroll the browser screen and use it to pinch, or zoom in/out or you can use it to delete a word.
  • OS – Say goodbye to the home button. BlackBerry 10 was developed for a swipe gesture-based platform. You don’t need a button to go back to the home screen or activate a tab for open apps. You don’t even need to close the app you’re using when you want to check a message on the Hub. Just swipe and hold it then take a peek at the message you want to check.
  • Camera – BlackBerry Passport sport a 13mp rear camera for your photography needs and a 5mp front camera.
  • Install and run your favorite Android apps!


  • Expensive
  • Two-hand use
  • Addicting


  • Great battery life. 12hrs for heavy use, 1 day or so on standby.
  • Excellent build
  • 3GB ram is worth it
  • BlackBerry Hub


  • Expensive
  • Two-handed use
  • Lack of apps from BlackBerry World. But you can use Android as alternative
  • Not a device for everyone

Thanks again to Jhay Gamba for submitting this cool reader review of the BlackBerry Passport.

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Anyone here owns a BlackBerry Passport? What are the features you like or dislike? Please share your thoughts by leaving a comment below.

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  • jehzlau, November 4, 2015 @ 3:05 PM

    Nice!. I also own a passport. I think I’ll be using this phone for the next 5 years. :D

    • JP Habaradas, November 4, 2015 @ 5:50 PM

      Really? Cool! I know you’re a fan of BlackBerry. 5 years or until they release a new and nicer BlackBerry device. Hehe How about the PRIV, aren’t you interested with that?

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