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Dreamed of owning an iPod? I’m sure most of us did in some point in time. And for those who can’t afford it, it still is a dream. However, with the help of old CD’s and DVD’s you can make that dream come true.

You can do it by trading your old CD’s and/or DVD’s to MillenniumMusic.com. MillenniumMusic.com is a used CD retailer based in Charleston, South Carolina. When they received the used CD’s or DVD’s, they evaluate the items and keep the ones that they can sell to their customers. The CD and DVD content can be either music or movies. To get a specific iPod model, you need to supply them with a number of CD’s or DVD’s.

Exchange Rate:

Exchange Rates

Aside from the Exchange Rate, they also have a Quality Criteria and Shipping Procedure that you need to meet. Another thing, you need to pay for shipping the items. If you meet all the requirements, you’ll receive your free iPod! Isn’t that cool? Well, technically it’s not free because you have to pay for shipping the CD’s. But it’s still a good deal. I’m thinking of trying this out and start looking for old CD’s and DVD’s. Who knows, I might get myself a free iPod.

Btw, I forgot to include this earlier. If you’re from the Philippines or anywhere outside the US or Canada, this deal might not work for you because of the shipping costs.

To find out more about the Feed Your Player iPod trade deal click here.

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  1. @jhay – if you don't have enough CDs or DVDs, then you can ask your relatives or friends for CDs that they no longer use and are still in good condition. you know i also no longer dream of an iPod but of this, however, if i can get it for a very small price then i'd give it a shot.

    @JB – this offer is initially for people who live in the US or Canada you can still avail of the offer even if you're from a different area, but you have to estimate the costs. if the shippings costs the same or more than an iPod then of course it's not worth it.

  2. i think it's not worth it for somebody who lives in the philippines. the shipping costs alone–have you any idea how much 175 CDs (with cases) weigh? the last i sent a 1-pound something, the shipping bit off $30 via UPS or Fedex. I bet 1 pound is already the weight of around 8 CDs. multiply that, plus the uncertainty over which among the stuff you'd send will be returned. hassle to death. and for what? a crappy, overhyped product.

    supposedly cool idea. but too much iPod is just…too much. personally, im using Palm Zire 2, which is sturdier, and can also play mp3s, shoot video and still images, playback movies (depending on how big the SD card you'd equip it), lets you read ebooks, etc, etc. it costs less than the over-hyped iPods, too.

  3. It's quite a fair deal, considering they would never accept pirated CDs and how much is a single legit CD here in the Philippines? You could easily shell out some Php 300-500 on a single audio CD alone. Do the math and add the cost of shipping, you could end up somewhere near the retail price of the iPod.

    Still, it's a clever deal, then again I no longer dream of owning an iPod. :D

  4. It has to be CDs or DVDs that are sold commercially in the market, not personal CD compilations or burned DVDs. To get a better knowledge of this issue, you can go to their website and check out their Quality Criteria.

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