Nokia N96 Bruce Lee Edition

Nokia N96 Bruce Lee Edition

Bruce Lee and martial arts fanatics all over the world drooled (including myself) when Nokia recently released the Nokia N96 Bruce Lee Edition in Hong Kong.

Nokia N96 Bruce Lee Edition Accessories

As you can see from the photo above, the special limited edition handset features Bruce Lee’s face and signature on the back case. The limited edition set contains rare photos of the martial arts legend slash actor, other accessories like a set of miniature nunchucks and of course, the Bruce Lee doll shown in the first photo. If you ask me, the best part about the Nokia N96 Bruce Lee Edition is the included Bruce Lee doll. I’d love to get myself one of those! When I first saw it, I was like OMG OMG OMG…Hehe.

Below are a couple of promotional videos made especially for the Nokia N96 Bruce Lee Edition:

Apparently, Bruce Lee doesn’t only have skills in martial arts but also in pingpong. I’d love to see him play against Forrest Gump or those guys from the Matrix Style Pingpong video.

You can purchase the Nokia N96 Bruce Lee Edition from Nokia China’s website and will cost you about $1,200+. Btw, you’ll have to know to Chinese to be able to do your purchase since the website is in Chinese. It would be a good idea for Nokia to make this special edition phone a global release and not only exclusive in Hong Kong.

If you have time you might also wanna visit the Nokia N96 Bruce Lee Edition Official Website. It’s a flash-based site and takes quite a while to load even with a fast Internet connection.

What do you think of the Nokia N96 Bruce Lee Edition? If you can afford it, would you buy one? You think Nokia should also release a Chuck Norris Edition here in the US?

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  1. @Film-Book – I know! I wish I had one and like you mentioned the price is a little bit of an issue. I guess we can just wait for the price to drop but I’m afraid since a limited edition, there won’t be anymore units left by then. :(

  2. @K – Oh really? Good for you! Oh wait, your an Apple fanboy pala so you won’t be interested with this. Hehe

    As a Bruce Lee fan, I’m gonna this phone not coz its a Nokia but because it’s got Bruce Lee on it! And like I mentioned on the post, I like the doll better than the phone. LOL

    Btw, what do you mean about Nokia being always recycled? Di ko kasi gets.

  3. I’ve seen this and I think I am the only one here in HK na ndi na impress, hahaha ang yabang. I mean with the Nokia, ang bilis ma-drain ng battery. I think the local movie industry are trying to preserved Bruce Lee’s memorabilias even his old home is being auctioned ata for higher price para gawing studio at tourist attraction.

    Pero right now, I think AnyCall Samsung pa rin ata ang paborito ng HongKies, iPhone and Sony Ericcson. Para kasing recycled lagi ang Nokia eh?

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