Giant iPod Earbuds

UPDATE: The 500XL iPod earbuds will be available soon for $39.99 at Perpetual Kid.

Check out this gigantic 500XL iPod earbuds from Fred&friends! It’s 500 times the size of an original iPod earbud.

Giant iPod Earbuds

Giant iPod Earbuds

This is a really ingenious idea. I’m sure this will be a hit especially with the apple fanboys and iPod lovers. If you can get your hands on these giant earbuds, you can use it for your iPod, other mp3 players or even as your desktop speakers. The 500XL iPod earbuds have a built in amplifier and 3-way power which lets you connect it to the PC’s USB port, generic power supply or with batteries. Unfortunately at this moment it’s not indicated how much it costs and where you can buy it.

Anyone one of you guys want or plan to buy one of these giant iPod earbuds? What other accessories would you like to see extra large versions made of? Please share your thoughts by leaving a comment below.

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  1. uhm, might want to rethink your math on this.
    500 times larger would mean a normal ear bud ~3/8″ (or ~1 cm in diameter) would be over 15 feet or (5 meters!) in diameter.

    i’m sure the name has nothing to do with the projected size relationship.

    it is a funny idea and they are big, just not as big as you claim.

  2. @Ade – Hehe cool! It’s gonna be available soon here in the US and I’m sure it won’t take long before someone sells it there in the Philippines. Make sure you post about it when you get your hands on it, ok? :D

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