How To: Choose A Bluetooth Headset

Bluetooth Headset

Bluetooth headsets are being used everywhere be it offices or homes. These headsets are not only connected to mobile phones but are also compatible with landlines, notebooks, media players as well as other wireless gadgets.

The headsets vary not only in terms of cost but also in features and usage. The reviews help a lot like the experiences of all the users are shared and any drawbacks can be pinpointed easily. Some good advice by the professional users must always be welcomed and the comments/feedback give an in-depth analysis of each headset that is considered good in the market. It depends that if you want a Bluetooth headset for your phone then there will be another list of headsets for that purpose and if it is for landline or other gadgets then you will have other headsets to look forward to. There is no such thing as an “ideal” headset. It all depends on your requirements and how you intend to use it.

Note Down Your Requirements

If you are not sure what category you lie in, that would be a problem because you might think you are a basic user but your requirements would be more than basic. In order to realize what your needs are and what kind of user you are, you have to make sure that you keep tabs on your call pattern for about 7 days.

The details you have to pay attention to are your whereabouts while making your calls, the time when you took calls, the time you spent on the calls, and what you were engaged in while you were busy on calls. When the weekends, you will study the week pattern and come to know, for example, that you spend most of your time on the mobile phone at school where you teach. The surroundings matter too and the place bar is to certify the place where you make use of your headset. You might be spending a lot more time at a café and so realizing that is of utmost importance. Place bar will help you study the place where you spend most of your time on calls. The places could be many and the maximum time could be spent in more than three places so just cut it short to three places where you use the phone for calls. If it is not the office where you make calls then that means you are outside and that place is crowded and noisy.

In noisy environments, a headset with a strong mic and muting background noise feature would come in handy. For users spending maximum time outdoors, there are headsets with three microphones that help reduce the background commotion with the help of smart algorithms. Now purpose aside, the headsets have many shapes and sizes.

The activity bar shows what you are usually doing while you are on calls. Outdoor activities require an in-ear headset that has an ear hook or silicone rubber tips. If you are moving a lot then these headsets stick to your ear and come in handy for jogging. Stylish headsets should mostly be considered if you do not have a lot of outdoor exposure and those headsets are known for their style and design. Just to turn it on and off you would have to press the headset once.

Now after determining the requirements and design of the headset you also have to consider the battery life which is directly related to the size of the headset. If the headset is big then that means it will last longer and has a good battery life but it might not look that stylish when you are wearing it. If you stay on calls most of the day then large headsets are recommended for longer battery life.

People often make the mistake of buying stylish headsets that are small but they do not serve the purpose as you have to charge it all the time to stay connected and if you spend most of the time on calls then small headsets are not recommended. After the place and activity bars, there is a duration bar that tells you the amount of time you spend on calls.

After determining all the factors you can easily choose a Bluetooth headset for yourself. Usually, the Bluetooth headsets are made for one ear but if you want to enjoy music with both ears you can get the headset for two ears but there has to be “A2DP” (Advanced Audio Distribution Profile) so that the audio can be transmitted in stereo sound.

Different things to look at in a Bluetooth Headset

There are a few things that every headset must have and they are:

A USB Port Charger With A Cable
The headset should have a charging slot that should be a USB port. The USB plug should be present on the other end to help you charge up your headset and that plug could be connected to the computer or charger which is your choice. This ensures that not many cables are required to charge up a simple headset and in case the cable is lost you can go to a store and get one easily.

Protected Ear Loop Feature
The headset loops should be present to make sure the headset fits into your ear because while you are moving or jumping or shaking your head you can lose your precious headset and you would not even be aware of that. Over the ear, loops should be present so you can move around without a care in the world. The headset however should not be so heavy with all those loops and plugs that you feel its presence. It just has to stick to the ear so that you can go about doing your business with the headset still intact.

Good Speaker Quality
The purpose of the headset is to help you call your loved ones easily without having to pull out your phone every single time. If you are not clear to the other party then the headset fails its purpose.

You should always test the headset before buying it to see how you sound to the other person and if you are able to hear them or not. This can be done if you find a person to practice this exercise with. All you have to do is make sure you call them and speak the way you normally do then walk or run and see if that changes the way you sound. Also, make sure that you are able to listen to the other person as well.

Organized and User-Friendly Controls
The controls have to be easily accessible and as you won’t just be turning the headset on without looking at it, you will also be changing the volume and muting so you have to make sure the headset you buy does not have all the buttons jumbled up. You might want to put the customer on hold but end up hanging upon him. With time your fingers will adjust according to the buttons but you should buy a headset that can be easily used.

As mentioned earlier that the headset should not be so heavy that you feel it pressing to your ear. It should also have loops so that it does not fall.

If you have lost your headset it should be bright enough for you to spot it. A blink signal feature would also be preferred because you can misplace the headset at any time.

Some other Useful Features
There are other features that are not essential but are considered good if a headset has them. Those features include:

  • Peer-to-Peer “walkie talkie mode” that allows your headset to connect to any other headset within range and you can communicate in this way.
  • Voice control. Some headsets do not have to be manually operated and work on voice commands as well.
  • Multipoint feature lets you change your devices to which you are connected.

So, while choosing a headset, your choice should be based on size, battery life, call duration, activity, and place where you mostly place calls. Headset with a USB port and ear loops are recommended.

Testing a headset before buying it is of utmost importance. If the headset needs to connect to various wireless gadgets then the multipoint feature comes in handy and you can switch between those devices.

Voice commands come in handy when you are busy using your hands during any kind of work and you would want to place calls. Chef and artists would love to have this feature because using hands to make calls for them is hard work.

So in the end it all comes down to how you use the headset and what you need it for. You have to make a wise decision of choosing the one that suits your requirements.

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