Canon Powershot S3 IS

This is my new toy, a Canon Powershot S3 IS. I bought it online and FedEx delivered it last Friday. For those who waited and made guesses on my previous post, this is what’s in the box.

Canon Powershot S3 IS

Basic features:

  • 12x optical zoom lens with USM and UD lens element
  • Optical Image Stabilizer
  • 6.0 Megapixel CCD
  • Larger size 2.0” Vari-angle LCD
  • 30fps VGA movies with stereo sound and Photo in Movie feature
  • DIGIC II, iSAPS and Flexizone AF/AE for fast, precise results and 2.3 fps continuous shooting performance
  • 20 shooting modes and My Colors photo effects
  • High ISO Auto and ISO 800 for low light flexibility
  • Widescreen (16:9) recording

Additional Photos:

Front View
Canon Powershot S3 IS

Rear View
Canon Powershot S3 IS

All Around View (click on image to view larger version)
Canon Powershot S3 IS

It’s not as powerful and as nice as the Canon EOS 400D Digital Rebel XTi that I have on my wishlist but after giving it much thought, I decided that I would be better off with this camera since I’m still an amateur photographer and still have a lot to learn in photography. I thought that this would be a good camera to start with in honing my photography skills. Btw, I also got a SANDISK 2 GB Ultra II SD card, to go with it.

Friday afternoon, I bought a LowePro camera bag and then on Sunday, I went to BestBuy and got the Energizer 15-minute charger.

So far I’ve only taken pictures of my wife and kid but haven’t tried it on other stuff like scenery and objects. I’m still getting myself used to the controls and different settings of this camera so it might take a while before I get nice photos to share. I also plan to setup a separate photo album once I have enough photos to upload.

You can read a detailed review of the Canon Powershot S3 IS over at

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  1. @Jay – If I had a bigger budget like you did, I would have gotten a Rebel XT too but I’m happy with the Canon S3 IS. I’m still learning the basics of photography and I guess this is a good camera to start with. If I buy a digital camera, my first choice is Canon and next is Nikon. So you got your camera from Walmart?

  2. I was just using this, my Dad had one and it did some great shots, the flash is a bit weak and had trouble with night shots, but a very handy and affordable tool. i almost got the s5 IS but had a bigger budget so found a great deal on a Rebel XT as i really want to go farther with my photography. that said this is a great tool and what brought me back to getting a canon rather then others, they all look the same on web pics but what really did it was going to walmart and seeing them all face to face and handling, Sony’s H series almost had me but after two weeks walk-around with this one I would have gotten this over anything in it’s class, the tilt screen was a plus that i miss a bit getting adjusted to my DSLR but that is how it goes.

  3. @zarch – How much is the normal selling price for the S3 in the Philippines? Coz I bought mine here in the US for more or less P13,000. I think you need to look around first before you buy it at P23,000. :)

  4. was thinking of buying one also.. it’s going to be on sale here in the philippines.. barato lang aroung 23k… there’s a new model available though powershot s5 is but from the reviews I read.. It seems that s3 is still a better deal… :grin:

  5. @ghia – Thanks! Glad you like it. :D

    Yeah, you should go back to blogging, personal or for profit. Hehe I saw Abe’s interview in a video posted in someone’s blog. Sure, we can talk about it online. Have a nice day! :)

  6. ooh. :) i love your new toy. gosh, ang dami mo palang site? you said sana mag-blog na ulit ako. i wish i wish i wish. i saw abe’s interview on mel&joey and i wish i kept blogging. i’m seriously stressed from my job. know anything home & internet related? i’m desperate. :lol: enlighten me when i see you online. :grin:

  7. @gbert – When you bought it, was it just the camera or did it come with something else like accessories? Coz I just did a quick search of the model and the cheapest I saw was $204 while the most expensive was only $254.

    Oh yeah, I also checked the 8 megapixel model and the price range was $259-300. :D

  8. dsc-w80.. there’s a later version w90 i think, which is 8.1 mp but it’s way over my budget already.. there’s quite a number of branches here in i think just every city..

  9. @gbert – Oh I see. Fry’s is a good store and they have a lot of stocks. The only Fry’s stores I’ve been to are the ones in Cali and I didn’t know they had branches in Texas.

    Btw, what Cybershot model did you get?

  10. i bought it from frys, and on sale at that time.. even before, i really wanted to have a cybershot which is a good camera for me already.. but for a dslr that is cheaper than my cybershot, no questions asked.. i’ll prefer that over cybershot..

  11. @gbert – Yup! I bought it online from and includes free shipping. The regular price in other stores ranges from $350-380. So I basically saved about $100 which I used to buy the accessories like memory card, bag, charger & batteries.

    Btw, where’d you buy your camera? If you wanna get the best deal, you really have to do some canvassing and research before you buy something. You should’ve asked me first. Hehe :)

  12. ei, $280 lang na? dslr pa? tsk tsk.. ako ya nakabakal, $350 tanan pero cybershot lang… though barato na compared sang ara sa manila..

  13. @Shutter Box – Thanks! I really did my homework on this one. Hehe :D

    I’m still learning right now so I just take pictures of anything that interests me or when I go visit places.

  14. @Maki – Sure. I got it from I went through several sites looking for the best deal (product price + shipping). Buydig sells it brand new for only $281 and ships it for free.

  15. May I know where you bought it online? I’ve been interested on that since Feb. hehe, maybe I can find more bargain stuff there than buy in HK during sembreak.

  16. @Abaniko – Thanks! I’ll be going to NY tomorrow so I’ll have the chance to take lots of pictures. Hopefully I could take some that I won’t be embarrassed to share with you guys. Hehe :D

  17. @trench – It’s the best deal I could find in the Internet plus it’s from a reliable store. With the money I saved, I was able to buy the 2 gb SD card, bag and battery charger. :)

  18. @dimaks – Thanks man! I’m trying to get a Flickr Pro account for free if not, then I’ll definitely go with Zoomr. But as I said earlier, don’t expect too much from this amateur photographer. Hehe :D

    I’m sure you will have your dream camera soon.

  19. Congrats Jaypee! now time to have a zooomr account and give us some amazing photos hehehe.

    *balang araw, magkaka-SLR din ako*

  20. If you have Gwyneth’s head in a box, you’ll have a reason to kill Kevin Spacey! But of course Morgan Freeman will be there to bother you, but still. I don’t make sense. Congrats with the awesome cam!

  21. @Melo – Thanks but don’t be jealous of me. I was just fortunate to get some extra blog earnings last month that’s why I was able to buy this camera. Plus my old one’s broke already. I’m sure you’ll get yours soon. :)

  22. Haha, who would’ve thought that it is this beauty that was inside that innocent-looking box? :mrgreen:

    We have a Powershot A640 – looks almost the same as your new toy, but not as powerful. :oops: Still, we’re just amateur photographers toying around with the medium. So I guess that should be enough for us.

  23. @donalyza – Yeah I think most people do that but not me. I’m too shy. LOL As I told K, my first shot was that of my son. But I did take a mirror project and I’m not sure if I’m gonna post it here. Hehe :D

  24. For people who owns that kind of camera, their first shot is usually taking picture of yourself infront of the camera.

    I envy you.. :oops: Congrats on your new toy.

  25. @K – You can expect new photos and maybe a few posts on my experiences with photography but not photography lessons. I’m the one who needs photography lessons! Hehe :D

    The first shot I took was that of my son Matthew. I’ll post it here soon. :)

  26. DEMMMMMM! A Canon! Now are we expecting photography lesson this time?

    *my knees are shaking, jaw-dropping* To me it is still a powerful gadget. Oh well, I’ll join your game next time. hahaha.

    Show us your first SHOT.

  27. @iRonnie – I think this is the best camera for me right now according to my skills and budget. I’ll probably get a nice SLR once I get better with photography and when my blog earnings get bigger. Hehe :D

  28. nice yan! though personally, i would have sticked to the 400d.. pangarap ko din kasi yun e. :mrgreen:

    but the s3 is a good p&s camera.

  29. @deuts – You didn’t make a guess coz there was no prize? Next time I’ll make sure there’s a prize so everyone would participate. :)

    You’ll see pictures soon but don’t expect amazing shots. Hehe

  30. Grrr..dSLR gali! Ngaa wala ko mn napaminsaran na man? haha.

    Congrats sa new toy, Jaypee! We're expecting to see more pictures of your cute son. hehe!

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