Camkix Keyboard Cleaning Kit

Camkix Keyboard Cleaning Kit

Prior to getting the LANGTU Membrane Gaming Keyboard, I purchased the Camkix Keyboard Cleaning Kit from Amazon. The reason why I got it is because I couldn’t find my Cyber Clean cleaning putty that I bought a few years back.

So why did I pick the Camkix Keyboarding Cleaning Kit? It had a very positive rating, 4.5 out of 5 stars (78% 5 stars, 18% 4 stars and only 5% 1 star). Aside from that, it was the first item listed in the search results for “keyboard cleaning kit” and it also has the Amazon’s Choice badge which is given to highly recommended and well-priced products. Last but not least, for a kit that includes 4 different tools, the retail price of CAD$12.99 is pretty good.

Today, I’m going to share with you my quick unboxing video, unboxing photos, and share my thoughts about the product. Before we get into that, here are the Camkix keyboard cleaning kit features:


  • Keyboard Cleaning Set – An ideal set for a dirt-free computer keyboard. It comes with 1x mini-brush, 1 x regular sized cleaning brush, 1x keyboard cap remover, 1x blower and 1x Camkix cleaning cloth. The set can also be used to clean DSLR camera screen and lens, smartphone screen and other delicate surfaces.
  • Durable Air Blower – The air blower never needs any batteries or refills. It can always be used to apply a precisely targeted stream of air to blow away dirt and dust from your keyboard or camera lens. The blower is easy to squeeze and can remove small particles from delicate surfaces that may cause further damage.
  • 2 Brush Types – There are two types of brushes in this set and both have strong yet soft bristles. The mini-brush is designed to reach the small gaps of the keyboard and other equipment due to its finer fibers. The bigger cleaning brush can effectively remove dust off sensitive areas of the camera lens and small crumbs on hard to reach parts of the keyboard.
  • Keycap Remover – The wire of the keyboard cap puller can be bent outward to fit every key. It can hold up to 3 keys at a time to speed up the removal. It is compatible with most mechanical keyboards. A gentle reminder, the remover is perfect for every key except for the spacebar.
  • Camkix Cleaning Cloth – The soft cloth included is excellent for cleaning the small parts of the keyboard. It can also be used to wipe small electronic screens, glasses, camera lenses, smartphones, tablets, and LCD screens.


  • 1x Mini Brush (11 x 1.5 cm)
  • 1x Camkix Cleaning Brush (12.3 x 1.5 cm)
  • 1x Keyboard Cap Remover (17 x 1.8 cm)
  • 1x Air Blower (15.5 x 5.5 cm)
  • 1x Camkix Cleaning Cloth



Camkix Keyboard Cleaning Kit

Camkix Keyboard Cleaning Kit

Camkix Keyboard Cleaning Kit

Camkix Keyboard Cleaning Kit

Camkix Keyboard Cleaning Kit


This product is a simple keyboard cleaning kit so it doesn’t have any complex features or options. It’s pretty straightforward so there’s nothing much to talk about in terms of design.

When it comes to the build quality, the kit comes in a pretty nice plastic container with a built-in zip lock that is useful to keep all the in one place for easy safekeeping. Although most of the materials are made with plastic and rubber, the air blower, brushes, and keycap remover don’t feel or look flimsy at all. The product listing on Amazon also mentions that the materials are non-toxic so that’s another plus for me.


As you can see from the videos I shared above of me trying out the Camkix Keyboarding Cleaning Kit on my Sony VAIO laptop, the tools are easy to use and very effective. I was able to get a lot of dust, dirt, and other particles that were stuck in-between the keyboard.

Another thing I like about these tools is that they don’t any batteries to operate like other pricier keyboard cleaners. It’s not fancy but it gets the job done very well. I can definitely say, that I’m pretty impressed with this product and it was definitely worth the money. This cleaning kit is a must-have for any home or office.

The only accessory that I don’t really like is the mini brush. I believe they could’ve designed or made a better one. I prefer the brush that came with the LANGTU Membrane Gaming Keyboard because it has more bristles and the bristles are a little bit longer, making it more effective in cleaning.
Camkix Keyboard Cleaning Kit
Camkix mini brush (Top) and LANGTU Membrane Gaming Keyboard brush (Bottom)

So far, the only tool that I haven’t tried is the keycap remover. I will definitely test it out and will update this post once I do that.

The product is labeled as a keyboard cleaning kit but you can use it to clean other gadgets and items like your DSLR camera (lens, mirror, sensor, etc.), computer mice, smartphones, tablets, etc.

You can purchase the Camkix Keyboarding Cleaning Kit from Amazon Canada for $12.99 or from Amazon US for $11.99.

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