iPod Touch + Apple Peel 520 = iPhone

Apple Peel 520

Ever wanted to have an iPhone but you’re stuck with an iPod Touch? I know you can use VoIP on the iPod Touch but what happens when you don’t have WiFi access? With about $60, you can turn your iPod Touch into an iPhone. How? With the help of an Infineon baseband chip-powered adapter case called the Apple Peel 520 and a regular SIM card, you can now make voice calls and send text messages with your iPod Touch. Aside from that, the Apple Peel 520 also works as a 800mAh battery, adding 4.5 hours of call time or 120 hours of standby power to the device.

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Apple Peel 520

Apple Peel 520

Apple Peel 520

The Apple Peel 520 retails for about US$57 and includes a 1-year warranty. iPod Touch owners who plan to purchase this adapter case would be glad to know that it supports or is compatible with all generations of the iPod Touch. The only requirement before you can the Apple Peel 520 is that the iPod Touch has to be jailbroken.

I’m pretty sure a lot of iPod Touch owners would buy one once it becomes available in their location. What makes the Apple Peel 520 great is that it allows users who only need to make voice calls and send text messages to save money because all they need is a regular SIM card and a regular phone plan, no monthly data plan fees to worry about. The Apple Peel 520 is not officially available yet but customers in China can pre-order it from the Taobao online store and deposit US$15.

Users will experience a few issues/problems using the Apple Peel 520 like a short delay on voice calls, incoming phone numbers and contacts may not appear or “blank” messages for missed calls reminders and some issues with the SMS feature like SMS text is smaller than the text on the iPhone or you can’t delete or forward a text message. I know most users won’t mind these issues as long as they can use their iPod Touch like a regular cellphone.

Btw, I found out earlier from Engadget, that there’s another product that offers the same type of features and functionality called the tPhone. It has a bigger battery capacity – 1,200mAh, but is more expensive at about $100.

For a more detailed review and demo video of the Apple Peel 520, check out the post by M.I.C Gadget

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