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To keep track of the different blog statistics here on JaypeeOnline, my analytics service of choice is Reinvigorate. I’ve been using it for about 3 years now. Aside from that I also use Clicky which I started using early this year. The first free analytics service I tried/used was Google Analytics, but I stopped using it because I didn’t like how it worked and it didn’t have certain features that I wanted/needed and thats why I moved to Reinvigorate. Recently, I started using Google Analytics again so that I have another source of data that I can use to compare with the other analytics services that I use.

Last week, the Google Analytics blog published about a new Free Google Analytics Dashboard Application called Trakkboard. Trakkboard is a free, easy to use desktop application that allows analysts to create dashboards that pull data across different Google Analytics logins and different Google Analytics profiles to display top level metrics all within the same view. Trakkboard is created by German-based company Trakken GmbH and is available in English, Spanish and German.

Trakkboard Dashboard

Trakkboard Add a Widget

If you want to get your hands on Trakkboard, first you’ll have to submit your email address to get a license key. Once you have your license key, you can proceed with downloading and installing it. Once its finished installing, you’ll be asked to create a login password for Trakkboard and later on, it will ask for your license key. Next step is to provide your Google Analytics profile login details and once you’ve logged in, you can proceed with adding widgets to your dashboard. Available widgets are: Visits, Visitors, Pageviews, Medium, Source, Top/Flop Keywords, Pages/Visits, Bouncerate, TimeOnSite, All Goals, Goal 1, Goal 2, Goal 3, Goal 4 and Notes. You can also specify the timeline or timespan of the stats displayed on each widget.

Trakkboard is an Adobe AIR app so you’ll need Adobe AIR to be installed on your computer. Since this app is powered by Adobe AIR, it means that its cross-platform and you can install it on any OS (Windows, Mac or Linux).

Trakkboard is ideal for those users who manage several Google Analytics profiles because with this app, you don’t have to login/logout from each profile to check on other profiles. With Trakkboard you can access all those profiles on one single app or window. It’s simple and straightforward so Google Analytics users won’t have a hard time using this app.

Anyone here who’s using Google Analytics? What do you guys think of Trakkboard? If you had a Google Analytics account, would you use Trakkboard? What are the features you like/dislike? What additional features/options would you like to see on Trakkboard? Please share your thoughts.

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  1. A very good application. We can see the statistics visitors without having to login to Dashboard Analystic.

    Something I wanted to ask. Is this Trakkboard requires us to put the script code on the blog like Google Analystic?

    Because, sometimes google analystic installation resulting in a very disturbing blog access to heavy and long.

    Thank you. Greetings from Indonesia

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