Glyphish iPhone and iPad App Icons

Do you develop apps for the iPhone and/or iPad? Are you an Android app developer, web developer or maybe a WordPress theme developer? Then you’re gonna love this cool set of icons that I’m gonna share with you today from Glyphish – great icons for great apps.

The Glyphish iPhone/iPad app icon set is used in lots of iPhone apps, including one of the apps I frequently use – the WordPress for iPhone app.

Glyphish iPhone/iPad App Icons preview:
Glyphish iPhone/iPad App Icons

Although this icon set was created especially for the toolbars and tab bars found on iPhone and iPad apps, that doesn’t mean it couldn’t be used elsewhere. These icons could also be used for other apps, websites and blogs. If I were a WordPress theme developer, I’d use these icons to create iPhone/iPad themed WordPress themes. As a blogger, you can also use these icons to customize your current blog theme/template. You can use these icons for a whole lot of stuff, you just have to use your imagination.

The Glyphish iPhone/iPad app icon set was created by Joseph Wain, a designer, entrepreneur and Google employee. The icon set is released to the public for FREE, under a Creative Commons Attribution license. Follow Glyphish on Twitter if you want to receive updates when new icons are published.

Download the Glyphish iPhone/iPad app icon set

Anybody here who’s into developing apps for iOS devices? Have you downloaded or used this cool icon set?

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  1. By the way Sir Jaypee, thanks for this post, I was able to use some of the icons on this set on my latest web design proj. More Power!

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