Elegant Themes is known for its beautiful and well-designed premium WordPress themes. Nick Roach, the owner/designer behind Elegant Themes is the one who designs and creates the pretty WordPress themes and custom icons/graphics used in the themes. He’s recently created a whole set of web icons for a new theme he’s working on and decided to release it to the public for FREE!

The Elegant Themes Free Icon Pack is restriction-free, meaning that you can freely use them any way you want – redistribute, resell, its up to you. But officially, the icons are under GPL and MIT licenses.

Elegant Themes Free Icon Pack

The Elegant Icons look great, don’t you think? You can use these icons to customize your blog or website. I’ve downloaded the free icon pack for future use. It might come in handy for one of my upcoming projects. Great job with the icons Nick, and thank you for making it available to us for FREE!

The Elegant Themes Free Icon Pack includes 74 48×48px PNG icons. Download the Elegant Themes Free Icon Pack.

Anyone here downloaded or plan to download the free icon pack from Elegant Themes? What are you going to use the icon pack for? Please share your thoughts by leaving a comment below.

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  • Anne, February 4, 2010 @ 7:42 PM Reply

    I’m always in awe of these icon sets. And grateful there are people like Nick creating and sharing them with the rest of us for free.

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