wd mycloud ex2 giveaway winner

Okay, folks, it’s now time to announce the winner of the WD MyCloud EX2 Giveaway. I know those of you who joined the giveaway have been patiently waiting and looking forward to this.

Before we proceed, I’d like to give a shout-out to our generous sponsor – Western Digital for providing the 4TB WD MyCloud EX2. I’d also like to thank everyone who participated. This giveaway wouldn’t have been possible without you guys.

Like I mentioned in the giveaway post, the winner would be selected using Random.org’s List Randomizer. So without further delay, the winner of the WD MyCloud EX2 Giveaway is – Rover. Congratulations! You are now an owner of a 4TB WD MyCloud EX2 worth $349.99.

wd mycloud ex4

To Rover, hope you’ll be able to make good use of the EX2 and also have fun using it. I’ve submitted your details to the people in charge and they’ll be in contact with you and will be mailing you your prize. Let me know if you don’t receive any word within the next couple of weeks.

As much as I’d like to give everyone a prize, there can only be 1 winner. If you didn’t win this giveaway, don’t worry because we have plenty of giveaways here on JaypeeOnline. Right now we’re also giving away 5 units of the ChargerLeash Sync & Charge USB cable for Android devices. Everyone is welcome to join that giveaway.

I’m working on having other giveaways so make sure to come back or better yet, subscribe to our RSS feed, circle us on Google+, like us on Facebook or follow us on Twitter and don’t miss any upcoming contests & giveaways.

Once again, thank you and have a nice day!

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  • Rover, May 13, 2015 @ 9:03 PM

    Hey hey, I can’t wait for it to come in today the mycloudx2 that is wooohoo , can’t believe I won, just in time too im running out of memory in my 1tb memory and now I don’t gotta worry about memory till 4 years or more …again thank you for this opportunity and thank WD also.

  • Holly Jahangiri, May 11, 2015 @ 10:29 AM

    Yeah! Just let me set up that sandbox you suggested… and back up what’s there now… oh. Well, set up the sandbox, anyway. ;)

    • JP Habaradas, May 13, 2015 @ 7:17 AM

      Sure, just let me know when it’s ready. Then we can try installing/implementing a forum. :)

  • Holly Jahangiri, May 8, 2015 @ 9:31 AM

    Congratulations, Rover! :)

    JP, I’m contemplating what to do with my site redesign…it’s going to be big and ambitious! I’m thinking of adding forums. Any suggestions?

    • JP Habaradas, May 8, 2015 @ 12:14 PM

      Hi Holly! That sounds great. Have you chosen a theme yet?

      There are several plugins that allow you to integrate a forum into an existing WordPress site like bbPress and BuddyPress but I haven’t had any experience using/integrating them.

      But anyways, if you need any help, you know how to reach me. :)

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