$10,500 Thanksgiving Giveaway

2013 thanksgiving giveaway

UPDATE: This contest giveaway has been canceled due to the insufficient number of valid participants and entries.

UPDATE: Thanks to our sponsor MaxCDN who added several more prizes, the total prize is now a whopping $10,500+

Hello November! If you’re a regular reader or subscriber then you would’ve probably been expecting this giveaway because of the post I published thanking my upcoming giveaway sponsors. Didn’t I tell you guys that it was gonna be bigger and better than previous giveaways? In case you missed it, SURPRISE!

Since November is the month for Thanksgiving and also one of my most favorite holidays of the year, I’ve decided to have another Thanksgiving Giveaway! This is my way of expressing my gratitude for all the blessings I’ve received and to also thank all the regular readers and subscribers of JaypeeOnline.

This year’s Thanksgiving Giveaway is by far the biggest contest/giveaway I’ve had not only in terms of the number of prizes & sponsors but also in terms of the cash value of the prizes – $6,500. Of course, all of this wouldn’t be possible without the support and generosity of our sponsors. So before anything else, I’d like to once again express my thanks to them.

Author HReview

author hreview

Event Espresso

event espresso









Ready Themes

ready themes



Super Monitoring

super monitoring

Sucuri Security

sucuri security






wpmu dev



In the previous Christmas and Thanksgiving giveaways, I gave out the prizes in packages. For this giveaway, I’ve wanted to do something different and decided to let the winners choose the prizes that they want. This way, they’ll get something that they need or want. So this is how it goes:

  • 1st Prize Winner – 10 prizes
  • 2nd Prize Winner – 7 prizes
  • 3rd Prize Winner – 5 prizes
  • 4th Prize Winner – 3 prizes
  • Additional Winners will receive individual prizes

If this is a bit confusing, let me make it clear. I’ll randomly pick the 4 major winners. The 1st Prize Winner gets top priority and picks out 10 prizes of his/her choice. The 2nd Prize Winner gets to pick next and chooses 7 prizes of his/her choice from the available prizes. The 3rd & 4th Prize Winners will follow and get to pick the prizes of their choice from the available prizes. In case there are any prizes that aren’t selected by the 4 main winners, I’ll add those prizes to the Bonus Prizes. If possible, only select the prizes that you’ll need or use so we can share these prizes with more people and make sure that the prizes go to people who really need it.


Pick One:

  • MaxCDN 1-Year Business Plan – $948
  • MaxCDN 1-Year Plus Plan – $468
  • MaxCDN 1-Year Start Plan – $108

Pick One:

  • ManageWP 1-Year Professional Package 25 websites – $486
  • ManageWP 1-Year Standard Package 25 websites – $162

Pick One:

  • WPMU Dev 1-Year Membership – $588
  • WPMU Dev 3-Month Membership – $207
  • WPMU Dev 1-month Membership – $99

Pick One:

  • StudioPress Pro Plus Package – $349.95
  • StudiopPress Theme License – $79.95
  • StudiopPress Theme License – $79.95

Pick One:

  • HitTail 1-Year Pro License – $239.40
  • HitTail 1-Year Pro License – $239.40

Pick One:

  • Event Espresso Personal License – $89.95
  • Event Espresso Personal License – $89.95
  • Event Espresso Personal License – $89.95

Pick One:

  • Sucuri 1-Year Premium Plan – $89.99
  • Sucuri 1-Year Premium Plan – $89.99
  • Sucuri 1-Year Premium Plan – $89.99

Pick One:

  • Themify Developer Club License – $89
  • Themify Developer Theme License – $59
  • Themify Builder Plugin License – $39

Pick One:

  • WPZOOM Theme License – $75
  • WPZOOM Theme License – $75
  • WPZOOM Theme License – $75

Pick One:

  • Author HReview Single-site License – $69
  • Author HReview Single-site License – $69
  • Author HReview Single-site License – $69

Pick One:

  • Ready Themes Theme Collection License – $55
  • Ready Themes Theme Collection License – $55
  • Ready Themes Theme Collection License – $55


I’ll randomly select individual winners for each available prize.

  • 2 x MaxCDN 1-Year Business Plan – $948
  • 3 x MaxCDN 1-Year Plus Plan – $468
  • 10 x MaxCDN 1-Year Start Plan – $108
  • WooThemes 6-Month Developer Club Subscription – $533
  • StudiopPress Theme License – $79.95
  • Press75 Essentials Package License – $75
  • 7 x WPZOOM Theme License – $75
  • 2 x Ready Themes Theme Collection License – $55
  • 3 x Ready Themes Theme License – $47
  • $20 via PayPal


To enter this giveaway, please make sure that you FOLLOW THE STEPS so you won’t get confused or miss any requirements and DO ALL REQUIREMENTS. If you miss any requirement, all your entries will be disqualified.



Blog Post Requirements

  • Publish a blog post about this giveaway.
  • Blog post should link to this giveaway post.
  • Blog post should list all prizes at stake in this giveaway.
  • Blog post should include links to all sponsors websites.


Promo Simple Widget Requirements:

  • Subscribe to JaypeeOnline.
  • Like all sponsor Facebook pages and Follow all sponsor Twitter accounts.
  • Copy + Paste blog post URL on the space provided.

The Promo Simple widget contains the link to subscribe to JaypeeOnline but many users tend to miss it that’s why I added it here. You can subscribe using the link above or via the widget. Once you’ve done it, you can put a check on the “I subscribed” box in the widget.

To make it easy for you, I’ve uploaded a txt file that contains all [sponsors links].

I know the requirements are quite many but I did this to make sure that this giveaway will be organized and that all your entries can be easily verified. Besides, if you consider all the prizes at stake and what you can win, all those requirements won’t matter. Liking, following, and linking to our sponsors is a simple way to thank them for their generosity.


  • Only 1 entry allowed per person. Multiple entries will be disqualified.
  • No dummy blogs or dummy social media accounts (blogs or social media accounts that have no content or are used only for joining contests).
  • Failure to fulfill a single requirement will result in disqualification. Please make sure that you submit/fulfill all requirements. You can contact me and ask for confirmation.
  • Prizes not claimed within 7 days will be forfeited and given to another winner.

You can use the giveaway image/photo that I used in this post. Just make sure you save it and upload it to your server or any online image hosting service. Please do not hotlink to it.

Giveaway starts today, November 1st and all entries/requirements should be in before midnight of November 30, 2013. Winners will be randomly picked using Promo Simple’s winner generator and will be announced the following day, December 1st.

Well, what are you waiting for? Don’t you want to win these awesome prizes? JOIN NOW!

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