I <3 Blogging Design Contest

I <3 Blogging Design Contest

Do you love blogging? I definitely do! If you love blogging and also got design skills, then I’m sure you’d love to hear about and be a part of this new contest sponsored by WordPress and Infectious, a company that specializes in designing vinyl car decals and laptop and iPhone skins.

WordPress have recently partnered with Infectious to launch the “I <3 Blogging” design contest, to create laptop and iPhone skins just for bloggers. The contest is open to anyone, and there is no fixed theme so its basically up to your imagination and interpretation but also, the design should be an image that represents the voice of bloggers everywhere.

I <3 Blogging Design Contest details:

1st place wins:
* A WordPress Hoodie, mug, and t-shirt

All winners recieve:
* 5% of Net Sales
* $400 of Infectious product
* A WordPress t-shirt

Deadline: March 31, 2009

So far, here the designs that I like:

I <3 Blogging Design Contest Entry

I <3 Blogging Design Contest Entry

As a bonus, especially for WordPress fans, Matt Mullenweg will be using the winning design on his next laptop, which he will be bringing with him around the world in various events so the design will be getting a lot of exposure.

Btw, I have a brilliant idea for a cool design but I’m not good with designing/graphic design so if anyone who’s good in Adobe Illustrator/Photoshop or the likes and would like to collaborate with me, feel free to leave a comment or contact me.

Think you have a cool idea or have mad skills to create a design for a laptop or iPhone skin design? What are you waiting for? Start working on your design and submit it! You still got until March 31st to do it and your design could be a winner.

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  1. The prices are cool. But I’m still starting out Photoshop and learning techniques on how to design sites with that cool modern look. It would also be cool to have that design featured on Matt’s laptop!

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