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In this day and age, almost everything is available in digital form: music = mp3s, photos = jpeg, png, etc., letters = email, books & magazines = ebooks, pdf, etc. just to mention a few. The most common and widely supported format for ebooks is ePUB because it’s free and open standard. If you’re a bookworm and own an ebook reader then for sure, most of your books are in ePUB format.

The problem with using ePUB files is that it locks ebooks into certain platforms that can be only accessed through certain devices and apps. Meaning, you’ll need to have a specific device or install a separate program to read it, you can’t use it between different platforms or devices. That’s why many people convert their ePUB files into PDF because it’s easier to use, you can even use a web browser to read it.

If you’re looking for an easy and affordable way to convert ePUB files to PDF, you can check out the Epubor ePUB to PDF Converter. This product is a universal ebook file converter that can convert ebook files (ePUb to PDF) without losing the original quality and format.

epubor epub to pdf converter

epubor epub to pdf converter


  • Convert ePub books to PDF with 5x faster speed
  • Keep the original contents table and layout of the ePub books
  • Drag & Drop to add files, one-click batch conversion
  • Presets of reading devices help you get perfect PDF page size
  • Customize the output PDF page size, height, width, and margin
  • Multi-language supported
  • Detailed conversion status, auto-detect broken ePub files

For this review, I downloaded a couple of free ebooks in ePUB format and tried converting them into PDF files. The conversion process was pretty fast when I tried it, but I think it depends on the number of files and the individual file size that you’re converting. The converted PDF files look pretty good and contained all the information from the ePUB files even the hyperlinks. The only issue I had was that the cover of the ePUB files was missing in the PDF version.

epubor epub to pdf converter

epubor epub to pdf converter

epubor epub to pdf converter

epubor epub to pdf converter

epubor epub to pdf converter

Another cool feature is the preset options that lets you optimize the PDF file for viewing on popular devices – Amazon Kindle, Apple iPhone/iPad, Nook Reader, Kobo Reader, Sony eReader. It also lets you convert the file into a custom size.

epubor epub to pdf converter

Before you purchase this product, please take note that it can only convert DRM-free and Adobe DRM-protected ePUB books to PDF format. iBook and Nook ePUB books (which are DRM protected) are not supported, although there are workarounds and programs that can remove the DRM. Overall, the Epubor ePUB to PDF Converter is a simple and reliable tool for converting ebooks in ePUB format to PDF. The price is also quite reasonable for $19.99.

Btw, if you’re interested in getting a FREE copy of the Epubor ePUB to PDF Converter then you’re lucky because the company has given me 10 license codes to give to my readers. All you need to do is fill in the requirements in the Promo Simple widget below.

This giveaway starts as soon as this post is published and ends on midnight October 12th, US Pacific Time.

Anyone else tried Epubor’s ePUB to PDF Converter? If not, what program do you use to convert ebooks or ePUB files to PDF? Please share your thoughts.

DISCLAIMER: Epubor provided the premium license for the review of this product. DRM removal is considered illegal in some countries like the US and Canada. This review is intended to show the capabilities of the product which can be used for DRM-free ebooks/files or by people who live in countries where DRM removal is legal. JaypeeOnline doesn’t promote piracy in any shape or form.

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