2,000 Entrecard Credits Winner

First of all, I’d like to thank everyone who joined and participated in the Win 2,000 Entrecard Credits contest. Honestly, I was expecting more readers/Entrecard users to join but it seems like only a few are interested to win the 2,000 Entrecard credits. Anyways, to those of you who did, I really appreciate your participation and if it were only possible I’d give each one of you 2,000 credits but the problem is I don’t have that much credits.


Drum roll please! The winner of the 2,000 Entrecard credits is … Felex Tan of Felextan dot com. Congratulations buddy! I’ll be contacting you soon about the details and how you can claim your prize.

Even though the level of participation didn’t meet my expectations, I’m still glad I had this contest because it was a good learning experience especially with regards to running a blog contest. Now I can use what I learned for my upcoming contest and other future contests here on JaypeeOnline.

NOTE: Sorry for the late delay. I was about to publish this post when all of a sudden, I lost my Internet connection. I had to wait for several minutes before I got connected again.

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  1. Great contest! Too bad I saw it too late. If you’ll have more contests in the future, please let me know so I can include it in my blog! And I also want to join too, of course. Thanks!

  2. @Felex – I think you believe it now coz you already have the credits. Hehe You’re welcome! Yes, I’m planning on having another contest but this time the prizes are better soon so watch out for it. :D

  3. I am so excited that i won 2000 credits from jaypeeonline,it is really unbelieveable…Thank you jaypeeonline.Hope you will organize more contest ..haha :grin:

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