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Pimp My WP Dashboard Part II

If you liked the WP Tiger Administration admin theme that I featured in Pimp My WP Dashboard Part I, I’m sure you’re gonna love this one! Sunghwa Park or known on the web as Ceprix,

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Pimp My WP Dashboard Part I

In this series, I’ll be featuring WordPress plugins or admin themes that improve the look and feel of the current WordPress admin panel. Pimp as defined by Urban Dictionary means, “to make something new, fashionable,

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Spam Problems? Challenge ’em!

I use Akismet to fight blog spam. These past few days I’ve been getting a lot of spam comments. Yesterday morning alone, I found 61 spam comments caught by Akismet overnight. So far, of the

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Shortstat on WordPress 2.0.1

I just recently found out that an upgrade to WordPress 2.0.1 messes up the WP-ShortStat plugin. At first, I was wondering why my stats weren’t changing after 1 day, I still had the same stats.

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Search Everything WordPress Plugin

UPDATED: 06/27/12 The built-in search capability of blogs using WordPress only searches posts and but not pages and comments. Isn’t that weird? I think this is a major issue that they should fix or look