HowTo: Easiest Way to Install or Dual Boot Ubuntu on Windows

Previously, if you wanted to try or install or dual boot Ubuntu you’d have to use the live CD or create a partition on your computer with the latter being a daunting task for most


HowTo: Update Gaim To Pidgin in Ubuntu

Whenever you want to update a certain program in Ubuntu, most of the time you do it via the Synaptic Package Manager. Unfortunately this is not possible for Gaim. For Ubuntu users who’d want to

ubuntu studio
Freeware Ubuntu

Ubuntu Studio

Ubuntu Studio is a new version of the Ubuntu GNU/Linux distribution, released last May 10, 2007. It is based on Ubuntu Linux, and is optimized for general multimedia production. I’m sure a lot of graphic


Joining the Linux Bandwagon

Previously, I was running Windows XP Home Edition on my Compaq Presario notebook. I had to limit the number of applications running because if not, it would become annoyingly slow. You see, my laptop has