hp health check
Software Tips & Tricks

HowTo: Disable HP Health Check Service

HP Health Check is a utility that comes with every Compaq or HP branded computer which actively scans the computer and alerts the user of important updates from HP, it can also suggest fixes, performance

hide affiliate links
Tips & Tricks WordPress

HowTo: Hide Affiliate Links on WordPress Blogs

Affiliate marketing is one of the many ways blogs and bloggers generate income. I’m sure most of you, especially those who have blogs are familiar with this because some of you are also members of

restore drive icons
Software Tips & Tricks

HowTo: Recover Windows Vista Drive Icons

I got the idea to create this tutorial when my cousin asked me to help him restore the drive icons on his laptop. He explained to me that he recently installed a tweaking program that

Adobe CS3
Software Tips & Tricks

Adobe CS3 Internal Error 2739 Fix

Recently, I tried installing Adobe Photoshop CS3 on my laptop but when I started the installation process I got this error message: I rebooted my machine and tried to install again but I still got

rss hat
Blogging Tips & Tricks

HowTo: Add More RSS Feed Options

Most sites or blogs offer only one or two types of RSS feed options by default. Usually it’s a RSS 2 or RSS .92. To check your blog’s RSS feed options, click on the rss

Software Tips & Tricks

HowTo: Remove/Restore Language Bar

One of the most annoying features in Windows XP is the Language bar. You usually see it after you do a fresh install on a computer. It’s annoying because most users don’t use it or

Tips & Tricks

HowTo: Restore Show Desktop Icon

Have you mistakenly deleted the Show Desktop icon from the Quick Launch bar? Or is it just simply missing and you don’t know how to restore or recreate it? I’ve been using Windows for a

Software Tips & Tricks

HowTo: Fast Boot Windows

This tip is for people running Windows XP on their machines with multiple user accounts or for people just like me who have only one account but uses passwords to login into their machine. This